Affinity Photo: A Beginner's Guide to Photo Compositing (

Create your own amazing photo composites with this complete Affinity Photo course!

Created by: Jeremy Hazel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will learn the complete process to compositing images in Affinity Photo
  • You will learn how to select the right images
  • You will learn how to layer images properly
  • You will learn how to professionally mask images
  • You will learn how to make lighting and color adjustments to unify your design
  • You will learn how add shadows to make your composites look natural
  • You will learn how to add effects, light leaks and blend modes
  • You will learn how to fine tune composites to take them to the professional level

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Course Description

Welcome to the complete Photo Compositing in Affinity Photo course!
With this course, you will learn everything you need to feel confident compositing your own amazing designs in Affinity Photo.
What Will You Learn?
  • An easy and complete process for making photo composites
  • Selecting the right images for your composites
  • Layering and masking your images
  • Making local adjustments like lighting and color
  • Unifying your design with shadows
  • Adding global adjustments and fine tuning
  • Using blend modes, light leaks and effects
  • and so much more!
Learn By Doing
Throughout this course, you'll be working on real-world projects so that you can see your new skills in action! Each project contains all of the downloadable assets you need to follow along. By the end of this course, you'll have a wide range of practical skills you can use to have fun or get paid work as a graphic designer.
What is Photo Compositing?
Basically photo compositing is combining multiple images into a single design. This skill is often used in commercial advertisements - making it a highly profitable skill. The basic premise sounds simple, but there is a lot more detail to photo compositing to make your own designs professional and eye-catching.
You'll learn the professional techniques and process in this course!
About Your Instructor
Jeremy Hazel is a professional graphic artist, who loves sharing his knowledge with students like you. Jeremy is dedicated to making this the best Affinity Photo compositing course on the market, so that you can easily start making your own photo composites!
If you ever have a problem, Jeremy will be there to help you out!
100% 30-day Money Back Guarantee
Enroll now with now risk. If you're not enjoying the course, Udemy will gladly refund your purchase with no questions asked.
See you inside the course!Who this course is for:
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Photo Editors
  • Anyone who wants to learn a fun skill that could help them get a job in the commercial / advertising world

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Jeremy Hazel

With over 20 years tattooing , and almost 40 of being a creative I have been into art since I got something I can draw with in my hand. Starting out in more traditional mediums I cut my teeth in pencil, charcoal, and acrylic painting until discovering tattooing. This began a love affair with art and lead me to open 7th seasons studios. Nothing inspires a higher level of perfection than knowing the client will walk around with my art for the rest of their lives.
After completing a masters in business and having to manage the marketing of a successful shop I quickly realized that the future of art is digital and I began making my own show banners and managing my own website. This sealed the deal and digital art has replaced the traditional pen an ink for me.
Furthermore the industry has changed to such a degree that more and more clients and artists are demanding digital skills i the design and application of art, and so I saw a significantly under served market in people with existing talent, but lacking digital
As a career teacher the most rewarding portion of what i do is seeing someone learn what they previously thought what out of reach and gain a confidence through the learning process....I identify with that because i m a firm believer in the beginner mindset and the idea of a life long learner. To me, art is as essential as breathing and I cannot even narrow down all the ways I express myself through various mediums, that is one of the best competitive advan



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Excellent and interesting. Learnt a great deal thank you

So I gave it 2 Stars,To start with normally I don't write comments, because I don't like writing .. :)But I find I should here to help some people out.Personally I bought this course because I wanted to switch from photoshop to Affinity and needed some fast start to the tools for my school assignment.So I took this course.The teacher seems like a really nice guy and has no harm or what so ever, but he lacks te some basic knowledge of compositing.Yes it sounds weird, but I will say this when you wanna learn the tools for compositing in Affinity go for this course. But if you want to know the real compositing rules DONT take this one. Jus took up some photoshop video's and try to use those in Affinity with the tools.Example, (I only did 2 lectures yet, but both had some weird mistakes)- First Lecture he places a coffee cup on the table but the drop shadow that he makes for the coffee cup doesn't match the other shadows or aka the light source. He placed his shadow like 1 o'clock but shoot be more pointed to 5 o'clock just as the shadow that the platform is making where the other coffee cup is standing on.- Second lecture, the worst one yet, he tells you that the mountains in the background should be darker then the one in the foreground. This is NOT TRUE, it should be the opposite. Just google atmospheric perspective and you will find enough about it. how further you go how lighter and more blueish it get. So this is something very basic what he teaches wrong and that's why I wrote this long comment because I wanted to pointed out for you guys and help you with it a little bit so you don't take he's word for granted.Sorry for my bad English not native tongue.So i woud suggest take te course for learning the tools BUT definitely not for learning PROFESSIONAL COMPOSITING.Cheers, Jes

This was such an amazing course. I love photography and always wanted to know how to create composite pictures, but I never really found anything that showed me how to really do it until I found this course! I've taken plenty of other courses by Jeremy for Affinity Designer (all of which have been amazing courses), and I recently purchased Affinity Photo so I decided to give this course a try. It was not a disappotinment either!!!

Overall the course has allowed me to learn several new techniques and processes. The main concerns I have is that the tutor sometimes fails to notice areas of the composite image that draw the eye - one example is under the armpit in Section six where for the majority of the lessons there is a bright grey area under his left armpit which does eventually sort of disappear but how I cannot figure out and I have played that section a few times. Another annoying point is that he sometimes does not pay enough attention to the edges of the images and leaves a bright or distracting object on or very near to the edge of the composite. As the competition Secretary for my local camera club these are items that a judge in a competition will deduct points for.But once again I must say it is a Good course and well watching several times

Excellent. I learned a lot of skills. It gets fast paced at times so be prepared to do the sections more than once.

This course moves at a very easy pace which makes it easy to follow. I understand far more than I expected as in adjustment layers, curves, rasterising etc. Overall the course is far more than I ever expected which in turn has given me the confidence to try things on my own. Well done Jeremy.

This is an excellent class for learning the basics of photo compositing with Affinity Photo. As always, Jeremy's teaching style is very clear and easy to follow. I have taken his classes on Affinity Designer as well and can confidently say that if you want to get up and running quickly with Affinity, Jeremy is your ticket...!

A comprehensive follow-along course. I really enjoyed it - I hope I can at least put some of it into practice!

Just made me realise how much you can do with Photo, and yes I do realise that this was just a beginner's course. Really enjoyed it. Thanks

I have really enjoyed this course and finally I feel comfortable working with masks, even with gradient masks and the built-in masks in live filters and adjustment layers. There is a lot of useful information - what should be in focus and what should be out of focus in a composite, how to isolate the parts of the images that you are going to use in a composite, how to put them together, adjust the colouring and lights, how to cover the transition between images (this was a big pain point for me when I was trying to do some composites in the past), unify saturation, and so on. Also using the liquify tool to bend the images or textures as it suits you is great. It is obvious, but I wouldn't think of using it like this before.Thank you very much for making this course.

The course was short but informative. Teaching was well done and the material was covered in depth. The only thing that would improve this course is by providing more advanced content.

I have often looked at composited images and wondered 'how' - I now know and just need to practice - many thanks - lots of techniques to master - but its fun fun fun!