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Bucky Roberts

Dedicated, passionate, and accomplished Full Stack Developer with 9+ years of progressive experience working as an Independent Contractor for Google and developing and growing my educational social network that helps others learn programming, web design, game development, networking.



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By dark_salad on 8/5/2015

He holds your hand and doesn't make you think critically. It's basically a Copy what I do and don't worry about what I'm actually doing.

By Autu on 7/9/2014

I can't stand the guy, every time he talks or shows his face I just want to punch him, but I can't deny he's helped me in some of his small and short format explanations.

By stephen prior on 6/20/2015

Thanks for the tutorials - I'm working through them and they are really useful and a great introduction to JavaScript.

By Anthony G on 4/13/2015

Finally, a great tutorial series for Javascript for someone who already understands HTML & CSS

By swchamberlain on 8/2/2014

Bucky is the man, I have been watching these videos for a number of years now, he keeps them interesting, humorous, and informative. I recommend them to anyone I come across who is looking to learn

By Beevings Marshal on 6/15/2017

This guy is amazing . I learnt HTML and CSS with ease by watching his tutorials . Thank you Bucky you are just too much .