We are proud to announce Miami software development agency Coding Allstars LLC as the first sponsor for our upcoming Machine Learning Coding Competition!

You can learn more about them at the links below.

Coding Allstars Website

Coding Allstars @ LinkedIn

Coding Allstars @ UpWork



OBJECTIVE: Create a machine learning model to accurately classify persuasive essays as either ‘Highly Persuasive’, ‘Moderately Persuasive’, or ‘Not Persuasive’.

Dates: TBA

DESCRIPTION: You will create a model trained on data that is representative of grades middle through high school (6 to 12) in the United States. We will publish the best model on the CourseDuck website so that students can quickly get feedback on the quality of their writing. Many tools currently available are very resource intensive, so both accuracy and efficiency will be used to determine the winner.

This competition will comprise two tracks. The first track will be a traditional track in which accuracy of classification will be the only metric used for success. We will publish and update a leaderboard daily with the rankings.

The second track will be based on a combination of accuracy and efficiency. Efficiency is determined by how long the code takes to run on our server.

The $1,000 prize pool will be divided into a $500 prize for the most accurate machine learning system and $500 for the system that scores highest on the efficiency/accuracy weighted rating.

In the coming weeks, we will announce a specific start date and more details about how to enter the contest, as well as how the contest will be evaluated.