Golang: Intro to REST APIs with Go programming lang (Golang) (Udemy.com)

Golang: Intro to REST APIs with Golang (Go programming language) & 1.5hr of React-Redux bonus content (frontend)

Created by: Mike M

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create a model from Golang's struct type and a slice to add records to
  • Create a router and register to it api endpoints and handler functions
  • Build handler functions to do CRUD operations
  • Create a Postgres database instance and a table to save records
  • Establish a connection to the database and query the table for records as well as insert, update and delete individual records
  • Build the handler functions to make queries to the database and perform CRUD operations on persistent data
  • Make use of packages such as gorilla/mux, strconv, reflect and etc

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Course Description

Welcome to Build RESTful APIs with Golang (Go programming language) course. This create RESTful APIs with Golang (Go programming language) is a short no nonsense course packed with useful information that you can complete within a weekend or a few of evenings after work.
Whether you are a backend or front end developer, if you are looking for a quick, straight forward and step by step introduction to how to build RESTful APIs with Golang (Go programming language) this is the course for you.
Build RESTful APIs with Golang (Go programming language) is a collection of successive, quick and to the point hands on lectures that put emphasis on doing (code along) rather than just talking and showing slides. It is only 2 hours so it won't be another one of those 10 hours courses that you buy and end up not completing.
What will you build?
You will create RESTful APIs with Golang (Go) that will perform CRUD operations or CREATE, READ, UPDATE AND DELETE on data you save on a PostgreSQL database.
You will work with structs and slices to create your model and store and pass data around. You will create a router to register your api endpoints and handler functions. You will also learn how to refactor your code and create a modular file structure.
You will make use of technologies such as the PostgreSQL database for persisting records, Postman for making API requests, and third party packages such as gorilla/mux for routing, and other packages for loading environment variables, making http requests, encoding and decoding JSON, performing string conversions and checking types.
Both Go (Golang) programming language has become very popular among startups and the development community in general. Golang is a great language designed with simplicity, maintainability and performance in mind. Now is the best time to learn both Go.Who this course is for:
  • Beginner level Golang (Go programming language) developers

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Instructor Details

Mike M

I am a Software developer with a degree in Electrical Engineering and over three years of software development experience. I use Javascript and several other software development tools on a daily basis. I have experience with HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Ember, React, Vue.js, Go, MySql, Python, Node.js, Express.js and various other development tools. I enjoy coding and sharing my knowledge with others.



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Loved the course. Could be better explained but overall a great course.

The best course about Go REST API on UDEMY

A short course, useful for those who have a basic knowledge of both react and go. One of the best courses to revise all the important concepts of React and the way Mike structures his code is awesome. Also, a video for handling the CORS error must be added to this course.

If you write any wrong code go and fix it so we can see the error, the "teacher" just edits it off screen.Some part where good and consistent but when you go to a more advanced route it needs more background and not just skipping stuff.

War genau das, was ich erwartet habe

All the functions used were not explained at all. They were just used even without saying their functionality. For eg max.vars. what is it? what is its output? Nothing told. simply used. And same goes for every other function. No function was explained.

The author explains really well and keeps genuinely works on feedbacks received...Thanks for adding go modules.

the course is very didactic and objective

Mike is Awesome! Your knowledge and Guidance to your knowledge is helpful

Muito boa a dinmica do curso - valeu a pena

Till now everything is working and without any need of searching for problems because the course is innacurate

The content of this course is good, especially for those who just learn how to write golang. What I don't like about this course is there are too many cut videos (many parts of the code missing / unexplained)