How to make a 2D Game

Brackeys is at it again! This short video series is split into 9 parts. It walks students through the entire process of 2D game development in Unity. It covers all of the fundamentals, including controls, lights, camera and more. In less than 2 hours, it gets students from their first experience with Unity through everything needed to make an initial 2D game.

Created by: Asbjorn Thirslund

Produced in 2018

Instructor Details

Asbjorn Thirslund

Asbjorn Thirslund has years of experience with video production and social media in general. He built the Brackeys network including the Official Brackeys YouTube Channel from ground up. The network has since become one of the fastest growing tutoring networks in game development. He also writes editor extensions for the Unity engine.



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By D1st0Rded on 4/3/2019

Wow! I have found a video that actually says how to!

By Uncle Twister on 1/15/2019

What a great tutorial to get into making 2D games! The steps were easy to follow for me as a complete beginner in practicing making games.

By Marcelo Castillo on 1/26/2019

Pretty nice video, direct to the point, perfect for beginners, well explained and great voice. Thanks for sharing this!

By Alex L on 11/23/2018

Your version of unity looks completely different than mine. Very hard to follow.

By Albarnie on 12/3/2018

I think this video needs more emphasis on how you import your own sprites, because you make it sound like making your own sprites is some hard thing that you don't always do. I mean, It's not too hard to make some really basic sprites and import them in, showing one of the most common ways of basic early level design.I know this is just the basics, but I've seen practically everywhere, even on your dicord server, some people get the wrong idea.Other than that, I love the video! keep up the good work!

By Bilip on 10/14/2018

Usually I like your tutorials, but this one isn't great. It doesn't really teach how to do 2D movement, and rather teaches how to use a pre-made script, so in the end nothing about the movement is learnt, other than the inputs.

By Paloma Morais on 12/3/2019

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!So easy to understand, my script was so big, a totally mess. Thanks to this video now is clean and very effective.

By Fermium on 9/15/2018

Best explanations , everything explained step by step , no confusions , I wish i was fortunate(wealthy) enough to support ur channel through patreon

By Jim Keen on 8/30/2018

Awesome tutorial. Easy to follow and was exactly what I needed to get my first Unity project off the ground.

Love the content!!! Inspired me to pursue Game Dev.

Love the content!!! Inspired me to pursue Game Dev.