Practical JavaScript from

Learn JS from a former Google engineer! For beginners with 0 coding experience. In this free 8.5 hour course, you'll learn JavaScript while building a todo list app.

Created by: Gordon Zhu

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • The core essentials of Javascript programming.
  • JS fundamentals like variables, the console, loops, conditionals, etc.
  • How to build actual applications with real-world usage in JavaScript.
  • How to think like a programmer.
  • Why certain solutions in JS are better than others.
  • Common pitfalls of new javascript developers
  • How to use the debugger and refactor code.
  • Much, Much more!

Course Description

Mastering the building blocks of programming (such as functions, objects, and conditional logic) is your most important task as a beginning programmer. That's because fluency with these core areas is absolutely crucial for everything you'll do in any programming language, not just JavaScript. Frameworks, tools, and even languages come and go, but the fundamentals never change.



    • Taught by a former Google Engineer.
    • Hyper passionate instructor puts a ton of work into teaching each concept thoughtfully and clearly.
    • A practical course that prioritizes the parts of JavaScript that you will encounter most frequently in the real world.
    • Covers common mistakes students make while learning JS.
    • Makes good usage of analogies and diagrams to explain concepts in a way that's easy to understand and internalize.
    • Teaches ES5 and does not cover the new features added in ES6 or ES7.
    • Lacks exercises throughout the course to reinforce the concepts being learned.
    • Uses an online tool called Plunker as the development environment and it can be cumbersome to use.

Instructor Details

Gordon Zhu

Before starting in 2014, Gordon was at Google, where he developed AngularJS applications for the engineering education team. During his four years at Google, He also worked as a product manager on Maps and did marketing for AdWords and TalkBin (a YCombinator company Google acquired in 2011).



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