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Welcome to the world of Unity XR! This specialization includes three courses which will explain the technologies that make XR possible, describe the unique UX concerns around developing for XR, and walk you through developing VR and AR apps for mobile devices. You will learn how Unity supports the many components of a VR app, including tracking, teleporting, interacting with virtual objects, positional audio, and much more. You'll also see how Unity's AR Foundation supports building handheld AR apps. XR is a field that is constantly evolving, and we'll show you what's on the horizon for VR and

Created by: Michihiro Kandori

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Course Description

This course provides a brief introduction to game theory. Our main goal is to understand the basic ideas behind the key concepts in game theory, such as equilibrium, rationality, and cooperation. The course uses very little mathematics, and it is ideal for those who are looking for a conceptual introduction to game theory.Business competition, political campaigns, the struggle for existence by animals and plants, and so on, can all be regarded as a kind of "game," in which individuals try to do their best against others. Game theory provides a general framework to describe and analyze how individuals behave in such "strategic" situations.This course focuses on the key concepts in game theory, and attempts to outline the informal basic ideas that are often hidden behind mathematical definitions. Game theory has been applied to a number of disciplines, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, biology, and computer science. Therefore, a warm welcome is extended to audiences from all fields who are interested in what game theory is all about.

Instructor Details

Michihiro Kandori

Michihiro Kandori received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University in 1989. He worked as an Assistant Professor at The University of Pennsylvania from 1989 and at Princeton University from 1990, before he joined the Faculty of Economics at The University of Tokyo in 1992. Currently, he is University Professor at the University of Tokyo. Professor Kandori is a Fellow of the Econometric Society and the Game Theory Society. His seminal papers about social norms (1992) and evolutionary game theory (1993) together have received more than 4,000 citations to date, according to Google Scholar.



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By Lee S Y on 17-Dec-17

Simple to follow, focuses on introducing basic concepts rather than the math. Could be more in-depth though. Nonetheless, great precursor to the Game Theory course from Stanford.

By Luke L on 20-Jan-16

This is a very good introduction to game theory having never before studied this subject I have found that the Lectures are easy to understand and flow very well from one to the other.

By Kelvin L W J on 21-Aug-17

Very easy to follow, and content is manageable for a beginner's course

By Brock M H on 30-Sep-16

An excellent basic intro or refresher course. Very light on math.

By Couller V on 21-Mar-19

Well made and simple to follow introductory course for those who wish to grasp the basics of Game theory, with good pointers in the end on what to do after the completion of this course. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested to learn about general principles of Game theory. On a minor note, sometimes subtitles do not match the lecturer's speech, or the speaker himself makes little mistakes every now and then (since he's not a native speaker), but they are so minute that they do not hinder the comprehension. In short, it's a wonderful course!

By R S K on 28-Dec-18

Great course for someone who isn't familiar with Game Theory. Gives the learner a good idea of the scope of the subject.

By Enrique E A on 27-Mar-17

Excelent introductory course

By Himanshu A on 6-Jan-19

Lovely introduction to Game Theory.

By Montserrat S R on 21-Mar-19

Excelente curso.

By No A V P on 20-Mar-19

Fue un curso muy interesante, yo lo recomendara a la gente que estudia sobre finanzas, economa y negocios

By JORGE E M L V on 24-Mar-19

Muy bueno este curso de verdad que te da una introduccin a la Teora de Juegos me gust mucho y se aprende bastante

By Leopoldo S on 26-Mar-19

Although some exercises are unclear and multiple choice questions need to be enhanced, the professor talks are really enjoyable and his work conclusions are inspiring.