A Gentle Introduction To ASP.NET Web Forms For Beginners (Udemy.com)

Creating Dynamic Websites .... A First Step

Created by: Charlie Chiarelli

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create simple multi-page ASPNET web applications incorporating a number of server controls
  • Incorporate field validators to check for errors
  • Pass data between pages
  • Work with style sheets and master pages
  • Create database driven web pages by adding a SQL server database or Access database
  • Work with the concept of Databinding by adding databound controls to a Web Form
  • Perform CRUD operations on dynamic data from an SQL Server database.

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Overall Score : 98 / 100

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Course Description

There are a number of flavors of ASP.NET, for example, Web Forms (Web Sites and Web Applications), Model-View-Controller (MVC) and the newest one Core. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to create dynamic websites with ASP.NET Web Forms. ASP.NET is the Microsoft platform for developing Web Applications. Using ASP.NET you can create e-commerce sites, data driven portals and just about anything else you can find on the internet. Best of all, you don't need to paste together a jumble of HTML and Script code. Instead you can create full scale web apps using nothing but code (C#) and a design tool like Visual Studio.
In recent years Microsoft has added MVC (Model View Controller) and Core which offer different ways to build dynamic web pages. To some MVC and Core are cleaner and more suited to the web. To others it's a whole lot of extra effort with no clear payoff. Either way, you need a strong knowledge of basic ASP.NET before moving onto the newer technologies....
NEW ... Coming in early 2021 ... Three new sections which focus on transitioning to MVC and then Core Razor Pages
Here's how I will help you to succeed:
o Each lecture starts with a list of objectives/speaking notes
o Every example covered in the lecture is available for download in the resources section including the objectives/speaking notes
o Almost every lecture has a set of Practice problems with full solutions provided
o My style of writing and teaching follows the KISS principle : Keep It Super Simple. I try to stay away from fancy computer terminology and try to teach like am speaking to a brand new user with little to no previous knowledge on the subject matter.... and I am always available for help replying most times within a day.Who this course is for:
  • Beginner web developers/programmers who want to learn how to create simple dynamic websites with ASP NET
  • This course is not for experienced web developers .
  • This course can act as a stepping stone to learning ASP NET Core

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Instructor Details

Charlie Chiarelli

Hi, my name is Charlie Chiarelli. I'll be your teacher for this course. I will spend as much time as necessary to help you do the best you can. But, for you to succeed you must be willing to work .
I am a retired High school Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher from Canada. I taught for 35 years, I have a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo.

I was a frequent speaker at educational conferences (ECOO) and seminars . Most recently my talks focused on E-Learning and the future of education (Flipping the Classroom).
I was the school webmaster and served on a number of school board committee , recently advising my school board (Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board) on its online learning direction. I was also the contest coordinator for the Annual Programming Contest for the past 15 years.
For the last 7 years before I retired I was in the unique position of teaching most of my computer science classes entirely online using the D2L LMS. Because of low enrollment and lack of qualified computer science teachers I became the "board" teacher. So my virtual class was made up of students from various schools in the region.
I am not a brilliant software engineer trying to teach programming. I am a high school computer science teacher that has taught teenagers for over 35 years. So I think my perspective and sensibilities are quite different than the typical Udemy instructor. I feel this gives me a great



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Charlie has always been quick to respond to questions which in itself makes him one of the best tutors on Udemy hands down. I have signed up with dozens of courses including this subject matter but the tutors sadly don't come back if I have a question, or the course content is outdated by the time they do. (sad but true :/)This course was a fantastic grounding in various methods of web app development which for me has been a huge boon. Everything learned here has helped me create an intranet for my work and a library of tools for my colleagues and while Charlie introduces this course as basic, it has taught me more than I could have hoped.Thanks Charlie and looking forward to getting through more courses with you.

this is a good course using Visual Studio's tools to create .Net applications

It was easy to follow. One great thing was having all materials available in the Resources section. To me some sections like Style Sheets and Master Pages were too fast, and I had to pause or watch again multiple times.

First of all, I want to say, Charlie is very easy to understand, both accent and professional terms.even though the paste can be sometimes slow you can fast-forward so it is ok.the course is exactly what it says! from zero to heroCharlie always answering any question super fast and in a full answer with links to extend it.although I do have one point to share, Charlie have in common what all of my previous teachers have in common and that is the situation there is already a built-up program and the lecturer going throw the code, personly I would prefer to see the instructor writing the code so I can do so as well at the same time. to be fair that happens once during the course.I really liked the last episode about DataBases !!!

The Course was great, a great introduction to ASP.Net Web forms. The content is dated as far as modern techniques but great overall, strait to the point very direct, thank you very much for the course I appreciate it

Very clear explanations and a good pace throughout the course.Charlie is a natural teacher and I ended up buying his C# courses as this one has been so enjoyable, well taught and well put together.Thank you Mr. Chiarelli!

Covered concepts in am easy to understand format. Examples were meaningful and the exercises helped re-enforce the concepts being taught.The only suggestions I have is to find a better way to write on the screen or have slides to show what you wanted to write because it is hard to read.

This is a great starter for ASP.NET, the instructor is awesome.

Very good for beginners. Instructor could clean up code to make it look more elegant. E.g: use var instead of declaring the variable type every time.

Goes above and beyond with the explanation, it was great!

very good at explaining it in a simple way, so it is easy to build on yourself

I've been working with a ASP.NET contractor and even though we are in VS2017, It appears so far a good start and fit to taking over.