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Our community is what makes CourseDuck so darn useful. We’re an ambitious group of self-improvement junkies and life-long learners located across every continent on the globe. We write reviews as a way to give back and help one another make better online learning decisions. Interested in contributing? Join Team Duck and write your first course review.

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The Wisdom of the Crowd is an idea many centuries old. It contends that a large group of ordinary people will have an aggregated opinion that is superior to that of a single expert. This is the underlying principle that makes any review aggregator, such as CourseDuck, work. But for this to work well, you need a large data set (lots of reviews) and the means of filtering spam / low-quality reviews. That’s why we are relentless about improving the quality and quantity of our reviews. When a course ranks #1 within a given category, you can be certain that it has earned that position based on merit and not manipulation.

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            Michael is a web developer, former eSports professional gamer (League of Legends), and entrepreneur. His focus at CourseDuck is in Web Development, Design, Big Data and Data Collection. Michael’s adventure into coding and entrepreneurship started when he was just 13, when he developed his own version of a popular online video game called Lineage 2 that served hundreds of thousands of players throughout its existence. In his free time you can find him playing tennis with his older brother, listening to startup focused podcasts, or burning the midnight oil writing code for CourseDuck.


“Our core principal at CourseDuck is to focus solely on what improves our user’s experience, nothing else.” – Michael Kuhlman

Michael Kuhlman
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Katarina Maruna

Data Analyst & Executive Assistant

            Katarina’s focus is mostly on maintaining up-to-date and accurate course data, along with answering emails and day-to-day assistance for Michael & Matthew. Katarina plays a huge part in CourseDuck’s success and we’re lucky to have her on our team! After doing complex work with our API, Excel, Emails and Google Sheets, you can find Katarina spending time with her family and/or traveling. She’s The Duck’s secret weapon, a beacon of positivity and truly sparks joy with all of her interactions!


“Family, Interesting Experiences, Meaningful Work & Meaningful Relationships is what life is all about.” – Katarina Maruna

Erika Miller

Head of Content

          Erika is our chief content writer & curator at CourseDuck. One day, she gave up academia for all-things content. Coffee drinker, rock-n-roll listener, heavy book reader, truth-seeker, and avid traveler. Extremely self-demanding in every aspect of her life.