Adobe Lightroom Classic CC - Beginner Level (

Learn all the basics, from importing and organizing to developing and exporting of images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

Created by: Villiers Steyn

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Import existing images and copy new ones into Lightroom.
  • Organize your Lightroom folders so that you always know exactly where all your photos are.
  • Master workflow in both the Library and Develop modules.
  • Turn good images into excellent ones by processing them correctly.
  • Export RAW files to print perfectly or show up beautifully on social media.

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

<< UPDATED in October 2019! >>
<< IMPORTANT NOTICE: In September 2019 Adobe dropped the "CC" from the name, so Lightroom Classic CC is now known as Lightroom Classic only! >>

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is by far the best image viewing-, sorting- and editing software available to photographers, and there's no better person than seasoned professional photographer, Villiers Steyn, to teach you how it works. It acts as a one-stop-shop for amateur and professional photographers, overcoming the need to jump between older viewing programs like Adobe Bridge and Photoshop.
Even though it's a very user-friendly program, Lightroom Classic CC can be intimidating to first-time users who don't understand exactly how the software 'communicates' with their computer and hard drives, where their photos are stored. And that's how this course was born: To help beginners who are new to Lightroom Classic CC to completely understand it right from the start, making their lives a million times easier in the long run...

What is Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and how does it differ from normal Lightroom CC?
It's VERY important that you don't get confused by the two! Lightroom Classic CC, covered in this course, is a program that is used by photographers to view, sort, process and export their images for use elsewhere. Normal Lightroom CC is a cloud-based sharing program that then shares those exported files (or any other photos for that matter), between your devices - your computer, tablet and smartphone. Normal Lightroom CC is not covered in this course.

  • The exact difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC.
  • How Lightroom and your computer 'communicates' with each other.
  • How to keep your computer as 'fast' as possible by saving space on its built-in hard drive.
  • How to import existing photos and copy new photos into Lightroom.
  • How to organize your image folders in the Library Module by moving and renaming images and folders.
  • How to view your photos as thumbnails, single images, full screen and zoomed in.
  • How to quickly learn more about each image by viewing important metadata, like settings and equipment used, at the press of a button.
  • How to assign attributes like flags, star ratings and colors to images, helping you to filter for specific subsets.
  • How to do the most important basic editing in the Develop Module, including:
    • Cropping;
    • White balance changes;
    • Exposure corrections;
    • Image saturation;
    • Image sharpening; and
    • Spot-removal.
  • How to export RAW files for social media or print use.
  • How to use shortcut keys to greatly improve your Lightroom workflow.

Take a moment to view the course Promo Video, as well as those lectures that have been made available as a sample of what you can expect.
Keep in mind, if you're not happy with the material, there's a 30-day no-questions-asked full money back guarantee! So don't hesitate and enroll today, and take the first step towards mastering Adobe Lightroom Classic CC!

What makes Villiers Steyn the perfect teacher for this course?
Villiers Steyn is a professional photographer and Udemy instructor with thousands of students enrolled in his Udemy photography courses. He has used Lightroom since it was first launched in 2007 and knows the software inside-out! He's got a knack for transforming the seemingly complicated into something easily understandable, making him the ideal teacher for beginners. This is what one of his students had to say:

"Villiers is an excellent instructor! He explains everything perfectly and his lectures are very easy to follow..."
Louise Victor South Africa
Who this course is for:
  • This course is for amateur and professional photographers that have never used Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and would like to learn the basics of: 1) Importing images; 2) Sorting images; 3) Viewing images; 4) Processing images and 5) Exporting images in Lightroom.

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Instructor Details

Villiers Steyn

Villiers Steyn's love for photography started when he was still a schoolboy and in 2008, after completing a Masters Degree in Nature Conservation, he stared his own photography business, Vision Photography.
Villiers has a passion for teaching, and since the launch of his career as professional photographer he has presented his Digital Photography Course for Beginners to thousands of aspiring photographers from all over the world, helping them to master their DSLR cameras and to capture priceless memories of their vacations, friends, families and everything else they enjoy and hold dear. This is what a few of Villiers's happy clients had to say about his beginners' photography course:
"Villiers is an outstanding instructor and his photography courses are perfectly structured. His expert knowledge of photography is invaluable."
Katharine Hill South Africa
"Villiers is an excellent teacher with a great eye for composition. I can't recommend him enough!"
Martin Milton United Kingdom
When Villiers is not teaching people how to use their cameras he works as a freelance event-, travel- and wildlife photographer, capturing the essence of his favourite wild and wonderful destinations in Southern Africa. This has allowed him to photograph a staggering variety of scenes and subjects, and ultimately to develop the skills necessary to tell stories through his photographs.



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It's nice to learn how to walk... and it's wonderful to learn how to run... if you're lucky enough to learn how to sprint... That's priceless! I been crawling my way through Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic and bumping my head on tables, chairs, and everything else. Now, Villiers has taught me how to run and I'm sure I'll be sprinting in no time thanks to his calm and detailed delivery. His speaking cadence and timing makes it easy to, of course you need two screens... got em, follow and try a few things while he's sharing. Thank you Villiers for taking, for me, and making learning a very difficult task, doable. And... I spent 23 years in the IT industry doing everything from desktop support to Director of IT. Teaching users how to work with apps and software is no easy task... you helped this old dog learn some new tricks. You ROCK!!!

Excellent course for the beginners. I'm much more comfortable with organizing, editing, and sharing my photos. The anxiety and frustration that I had due to my inability to handle all my images are gone after this course completion. Thank you Villiers!

I wanted to learn how to navigate Lightroom quickly so I could get started transferring and editing my photos from Mac's built-in iphoto to Lightroom. This course was excellent. The instructor explained things at a great pace and very efficiently. He also includes short reviews at the end of each section which I found helpful. I would highly recommend this course if you are a beginner and need to understand the basics to get you started. I feel confident to use Lightroom now enough to use it exclusively instead of iphoto. Thank you!

Very good and useful. What didn't though cover is noise reduction, raw files are noisy and I had to receive a rejection on Shutterstock to acknowledge that photos are noisy. Fortunately here google helped me.

I am not able to view this course as the picture is blurred. the vocal part of the course is clear.I am able to switch over to Lightroom CC masterclass by Martin Perhiniak clearly.

I stumbled upon this course by accident and am so glad I did. I had been using Lightroom Classic CC for a while and thought I had a fare understanding, however after this course I realised just how little I understood about lightroom. I now understand how lightroom classic CC actually works in relation to the computer, catalogs and raw photos. Villiers really does a great job in explaining the details in a way that is very easy to understand. I highly recommend this course.

Very clear easy to understand and follow along! I learned a great deal in a short amount of time.

Excellent I think I finally am comfortable with the Library module!

Sir , I salute you, so easy so relax way of lecture and complete information, I have no words how I thanks to you. well done.

Course was excellent. Easy to follow and clear instructions.

Awesome!!! Villiers explain everything in detail and it is easy to follow can't wait for the follow up on this course!!!

I enjoyed this course with Villiers very much and I learnt a lot about Lightroom. Villiers speaks very clear and the speed is nice to follow. I can only recommend it to everyone who would like to use Lightroom.