Altium Designer - Basics (Arduino FIO) (

Walking you through the basics of Altium Designer in schematic and PCB design, component creation and output generation

Created by: Eu Jin Ooi

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Design custom printed circuit boards (PCB) in Altium Designer
  • Generating PCB outputs for fabrication of PCB
  • Enhance design workflow in PCB design and fabrication

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Do you want to design your own Printed Circuit Board (PCB)?

Do you want to increase your PCB design efficiency in Altium Designer?
In this course, you will learn from paper napkin schematics to sending PCB outputs to your manufacturer. This course will help develop a good foundation in Altium Designer, leading to better PCB design practices and skills. Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools required to design your very own custom PCB in a short amount of time.
What is expected in this course?
  • Preparation of course: Installation, licensing and graphical user interface
  • Component creation: schematic symbol, PCB footprint (2D and 3D) and IPC component wizards
  • Schematic design: component placement, physical wiring, logical net labels
  • PCB design: board shape definition, footprint placement, multiple routing modes
  • Schematic electrical rule check and PCB design rule check
  • Cross probing between schematic and PCB views
  • Output generation: Bill of material, Gerber files
What are the requirements?
  • Internet to download Altium Designer
  • Altium Designer license or 15-day trial license
  • A computer which meets the requirements of Altium Designer
What am I going to get from this course?
  • 29 lectures and 5 hours of professional intructor-led content!
  • Create your own PCB in Altium Designer
What is the target audience?
  • Beginners to intermediate skilled Altium Designer users
  • Engineers migrating into Altium Designer
  • Aspiring product entrepreneurs
  • Students and researchers looking to design their custom PCB
  • Anyone interested in designing PCB
Who this course is for:
  • Engineers
  • Engineering students
  • Entrepreneurs

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Instructor Details

Eu Jin Ooi

Hi! I'm Eu Jin. I have a Masters of Engineering degree from University of Toronto, graduated with the highest distinction.
I have designed numerous printed circuit boards in university as a researcher and a student, and in startup communities based in Toronto. I'm passionate in engineering and I have extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in Mechatronics and Electromechanical Systems.
I recently took a dive and formed my own business as I was not contented with a strict 9AM - 5PM job. I provide consulting services to businesses which includes design data migration, integration between design data and external ERP/PLM software and implementation of Altium Designer.
I have great interpersonal skills, and extensive commitment and passion in the field of engineering.



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By Eddy on

Perfect for people who came over from Eagle and the like. Includes basics, menus, shortcuts etc.It's not quite up-to-date though.

Very good course for introduction into the topic. Hoped to see some design thinking/approach for placing components and routing, but that's for more advanced course I guess. Overall very positive for what it is.

Well Explained course. Worth Watching.

Very good course for basic introduction to Altium software, covers all parts of Altium and key commands and shortcuts.However saying that, this is just a very basic course as the name imply, and covers only Altium software usage, and you would probably require another course like by Robert Feranec to understand, how to effectively design a good circuit board in Altium. As this course doesn't covers best practices, standards, enough examples to design your own custom parts.Moreover the instructor choose to ignore warnings in DRC, etc. and didn't show how to resolve many common DRC, or electrical errors.The course only contains how to draw wires, not what size and how they should be done. It teaches how to draw a big single ground polygon pour but not how the polygons should be and where it should be.So, for complete beginners, this course is very good starting point, but again the point is this is incomplete even from a beginner level point of view.

A great course to learn Altium Designer!No cons as such. The accent is quite clear. This is really recommended from my side.Thank you Eu Jin :)

Nice video and very helpful to learn tool

Good for beginners know how to use the Altium

By ??? on

??????? Altium PCB ???????????????

Easy and fast way to learn Altium

very helpful introduction to Altium, the time spent to stress shortcuts for each of the features was great as helps show the strength of Altium and increase the speed at which you can put a design together. Would of appreciated exposure to more multi layer board design however

The course has a good organization and progression which helped me to get back into PCB design after 10 years of not using it. I recommend to take into account two things:1-The graphical interface for newer Altium versions (18.x) is quite different that the one used in this course (I think is 16.x) and this can cause some confusion. Nevertheless the concepts are applicable for both versions.2- If you don't have an English keyboard, please change to it in order not to get discourage with the many (and necessary) shortcuts.

The instructor is very knowledgeable about Altium and shows you plenty of "tricks" (shortcuts, menu navigation, etc) which will help anyone design a PCB. I stepped into this course thinking it would merely pertain to just libraries and other generic things, but the instructor shows you much more useful features that Altium contains. My only complaints are that he occasionally speaks too fast and doesn't say which buttons/menus he selects. However, this is an online course and we all have the beautiful function of rewinding the video :-)