Amy Sullivan

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Most Recent Review

Very poorly designed course. No one to ask or clarify requirement if you have any question. Project submission is such a mess that a lot of information can't be uploaded. Project instruction keeps telling you to save the file while a trial version that can't save any file is provided. Few peer to review assignment. This course just needs tons of polish before it's a good experience to go through. It's helpful to learn the knowledge but the process of studying is such a pain
- Review by Chen S

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Instructor Bio

Amy Sullivan received her BA in Physics from Bates College, and her MS and PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has worked in the photonics industry in the areas of liquid crystal displays, frequency-stabilized and high power tunable infrared lasers, and machine vision imaging systems. She has taught as an assistant professor at Agnes Scott College as well as an instructor at various colleges and universities in Colorado and now works as a research associate in the Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering department at the University of Colorado.

Amy Sullivan's Core Subjects

  • electron
  • game design