Angular 2 + Rails 5 Bootcamp (

Learn how to build a real world Angular 2 application that utilizes multiple Ruby on Rails apps for backend data APIs.

Created by: Jordan Hudgens

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Build an Angular 2 application from scratch
  • Integrate an Angular 2 application with multiple Rails 5 APIs
  • Implement features such as: routing, data binding, data updates without a page refresh, and more!

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Course Description

Are you ready to build professional applications that combine the Angular 2 application framework with Rails 5 as a backend? Then this is the course for you. My name is Jordan Hudgens, and I'll be your instructor for the course. In addition to being the lead instructor for devCamp I've also been building web applications for over a decade for organizations such as Eventbrite and Quip.
After you have completed this course you will be able to build modern Angular 2 and Ruby on Rails 5 applications. In fact, in this course we're going to develop three applications, with Angular working as the front end, and two Rails API apps functioning as the backend. This is a powerful combination since you will learn how to create incredibly fast, dynamic Angular applications that embrace features such as real time updates, along with the power and flexibility provided by the Rails framework.
We'll start the course by walking through the application architecture, this will teach you the concepts you will need to understand how microservices should be designed from a software engineering and best practice perspective. From there we will start building the Angular 2 front end application, including integrating the Bootstrap 4 framework to style the app. After the front end is complete we will create two Rails 5 API applications that will store and manage the data for the full system.

Throughout the course material you will learn concepts such as:
  • How to configure your system to run Angular Applications
  • How to generate an Angular 2 application from scratch
  • What it takes to build Angular components
  • How to work with Angular Observables to automatically update page elements without even needing to refresh the page.
  • Along with how to communicate with APIs and parse the data they return.
  • And everything else you'll need in order to build real world Angular 2 + Rails applications!
This is not an entry level course. You will need at least a basic understanding of Rails in order to go through this material. Additionally, I also recommend that you are familiar with the TypeScript programming language since the entire Angular 2 framework is built on TypeScript, however if you haven't worked with TypeScript you can still work through the course. Also, since we will build 2 Rails applications in this course I highly recommend that you are either working on a Mac or using an online IDE such as C9.
Each lesson of the course is paired with the source code that I used in the guide so you can check your work. And since the application we're building is a real world app I'll constantly be adding to the course material with new features, as I do with my other courses.
Please feel free to review the course curriculum and I look forward to going through the material with you on your development journey!Who this course is for:
  • This course is for developers who want to learn how to build real world Angular 2 applications that run on Ruby on Rails backend APIs

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Instructor Details

Jordan Hudgens

Jordan Hudgens is the CTO and Founder of DevCamp where he leads instruction and curriculum development for all of the DevCamp and Bottega code schools around the US.
As a full stack developer for over the past decade, Jordan has traveled the world building applications and training individuals on a variety of technology stacks, including: Ruby on Rails, Python, React JS, React Native, JavaScript, and TypeScript, with a speciality in API and machine learning development.
Jordan has developed applications for Quip, Eventbrite, and DevCamp. As a teacher, he focuses on project driven education, with a focus on jobcentric techniques. This means that he focuses specifically on teaching the skills needed in the development industry. This style of teaching is conducive to learning how to build real world products that adhere to industry best practices.
Additionally Jordan has published multiple books on programming and computer science for Packt Publishing, along with developing training curriculum for Bottega, Learn Co, DevCamp, and AppDev on the topics of Ruby on Rails, Java, AngularJS, NoSQL, API development, TypeScript and algorithms.



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One of the most attractive feature of this course is that it integrates angular and rails to build one application. You can put the notion of Microservice application into practice with angular and rails.However you need to learn bunch of things outside of this course, if you are not familiar with any of these technologies, such as angular, typescript, rxjs, rails, bootstrap.

el instructor y curso son excelentes, pero se maneja una version muy vieja de angular

I am enjoying the course so far. It is exactly what I was looking for. Had a few issues on the difference in versions of some of the frameworks used in the course and what I have installed but the research required to resolve those issues have been a good learning experience.

Jordan is a great instructor for beginners, and great explaining and patient. Content is great, just need some updates.

It's exactly what I was expecting and willing to find, also having someone native speaking english is better than the regular free options that are hard to follow, even for me that I'm not a native speaker, having to follow English with a hard accent makes the course stop working for me... not this case, and the teacher knows what he's talking about.

I can't in good faith give the course full "what I expected" rating since it wasn't updated to keep up with new changes with Angular framework. Other than that it was very useful in terms of building functionality that has a real life use case.

Hard to work with old dependencies and troubleshooting issues from using angular2 + ngbootstrap4 when current standards have changed and technically ngbootstrap currently requires angular4+. It improved my knowledge of the setup by troubleshooting the errors caused by version issues (however I still have issues starting up the server after shutdowns). The additional resources that were provided by the instructor were wonderful and it felt like I got more than I paid for ($12)

This course cover minimum knowledge how to use Angular2 with Rails (that is great). Everything is very simple and easy to learn. Some parts need update to new version of rxjs but in this case you can always search on google and learn more (but it will be good to update to new version)

Finished this course using Angular 7, Ruby 2.6.2, Rails 5.2.3 with everything working, had some struggles adjusting in section 46 and finishing that chapter with new Typescript syntax but nothing reading the documentation on the HTTPClient newer modules or moved modules couldn't fix. Great job Jordan going over the subject matter, walked away comfortable with Angular and a Rails backend API.

This course was great! Although it is rather outdated (I'm using Angular v7) it was still extremely useful for me, and allowed me to get a feel for connecting Angular and Rails. Thank you!

I liked the way the author explained the reasons for micro services and he managed to make the impression that building such a system is very easy.

Yes, this is a good intermediate course on Rails/Angular app-buliding, which is what I was looking for.