Apache Kafka Series - Kafka Connect Hands-on Learning (Udemy.com)

Kafka Connect - Learn How to Source Twitter Data, Store in Apache Kafka Topics & Sink in ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL

Created by: Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Configure and run Apache Kafka Source and Sink Connectors
  • Learn concepts behind Kafka Connect & the Kafka Connect architecture
  • Launch a Kafka Connect Cluster using Docker Compose
  • Deploy Kafka Connectors in Standalone and Distributed Mode
  • Write your own Kafka Connector

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Course Description

A Comprehensive and Brand New Course for Learning Apache Kafka Connect Framework with Hands-on Training (Launched in April 2017)
Kafka Connect is a tool for scalable and reliable streaming data between Apache Kafka and other data systems. Apache Kafka Connect is a common framework for Apache Kafka producers and consumers.
Apache Kafka Connect offers an API, Runtime, and REST Service to enable developers to define connectors that move large data sets into and out of Apache Kafka in real time. It inherits strong concepts such as fault-tolerance and elasticity thanks to being an extension of Apache Kafka. Kafka Connect can ingest entire databases, collect metrics, gather logs from all your application servers into Apache Kafka topics, making the data available for stream processing with low latency.
Kafka Connect standardises integration of other data systems with Apache Kafka, simplifying connector development, deployment, and management.
In this course, we are going to learn the Kafka Connector deployment, configuration and management with hands-on exercises. We are also going to see the distributed and standalone modes to scale up to a large, centrally managed service supporting an entire organisation or scale down to development, testing, and small production deployments. The REST interface to submit and manage connectors to your Kafka Connect cluster via an easy to use REST API's.
Students Loved this course Students have rated the course with 5 stars...!!
Tin Pavlinic says "This course is an excellent resource for those getting started with Apache Kafka-Connect. Stephane explains concepts very clearly and provides plenty of practical examples. The setup is easy. You can follow the examples along on your own machine, and then experiment further. I highly recommend this Apache Kafka course."
Alan V says "This course is GREAT: 1. The teacher provides clear explanations of the role to Kafka Connector in Kafka Streaming Solution architecture. 2. The course uses docker-compose.yml to help learners quick build a practice environment. 3. The course is well organized and easy to understand the idea, behind Kafka Connector. The teacher guides you how to use the tool step by step. 4. The provided shell commands are all well commented and steps by steps to guide users. If you read the comments in the shell script files after the course, it will remind you what the teacher just taught in the videos. 5. The teacher is very responsible to learners' questions and very helpful. If you are a professional developer, I highly recommend you to attend this course."
Sagar Joshi says "It was very engaging and interesting course. I recommend taking this Apache Kafka course. Stephane has provided all the required details and its really a hands-on training course. Thank you..!!"
Why I should take this course?
  • My aim is to make you confident to work with Apache Kafka Connector as soon as possible by providing a hands-on training, source data from Twitter and sinking it directly into ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL database
  • In this course, you will learn what is Kafka Connect, Kafka Connect architecture, how to deploy an Apache Kafka Connector in standalone and in distributed mode, how to setup and launch Kafka Connect Cluster using Docker compose
  • You will be able to Deploy Kafka Connect Source Connectors and Kafka Connect Sink Connectors
  • You have strong support from the instructor, I am very happy to answer all your questions and queries inside the course Q&A sections
  • You have life-time access to this course and a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed with this course
Overview of the Course Contents -
Section 1 Course Introduction: In this section, we are going to see the required pre-requisites for this course and for Apache Kafka Connect. We are also going to talk about the objectives and the structure of the course.
Section 2 - Apache Kafka Connect Concepts: In this section, we will learn about what is Kafka Connect, Apache Kafka Connect architecture, we will talk about Connectors, Configuration, Tasks, Workers. We are also going to learn the difference between the standalone vs distributed mode of the Kafka Connect.
Section 3 Setup and Launch Kafka Connect Cluster: In this sections, we will learn how to install Docker on your machine and get started with Apache Kafka Connect in the simplest way possible using Docker Compose.
Section 4 Apache Kafka Connect Data Source Hands-on: In this section, we will gain some practical experience on Kafka Connect Data Source. We will learn the Kafka Connect Data Source architecture and the list of available connectors. We will have some hands-on practice and learning on File Stream Source Connector both standalone and distributed, and on Twitter Source Connectors!!!
Section 5 - Apache Kafka Connect Data Sink Hands-on: In this section, we will gain some practical experience on Kafka Connect Data Sink. We will learn the Kafka Connect Data Sink architecture, Apache Kafka Connect REST API's and we will have some hands-on practice and learning on Elastic Search Sink Connector and on JDBC Sink Connectors!!!
Section 6 Next Steps: In this section, we are going to conclude the course and going to see what is next step you can follow.
You have lifetime access to the course and 30 days' money back guarantee, so what are you thinking? Click on "Enroll Now" button now and see you inside the course!!!Who this course is for:
  • Developers who wants to learn Apache Kafka Connect Framework and get hands-on with it
  • Professionals who are good at Apache Kafka ecosystem and basic core concepts
  • Architects who want to understand how Kafka Connect fits in their Solution Architecture

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Instructor Details

Stephane is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to Big Data, Cloud & API. He's also a many-times best seller instructor on Udemy for his courses in Apache Kafka and AWS.
[See FAQ below to see in which order you can take my courses]
He is an AWS Certified Developer, SysOps & Solutions Architect, and loves to teach people how to use the AWS properly, to get them ready for their AWS certifications, and most importantly for the real world.
He also loves Apache Kafka. He sits on the 2019 Program Committee organizing the Kafka Summit in New York, London and San Francisco. He is also an active member of the Apache Kafka community, authoring blogs on Medium and a guest blog for Confluent.
During his spare time he enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, surfing, watching TV shows, and traveling to awesome destinations!
FAQ: In which order should you learn?...
AWS Cloud: Start with AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, then move on to AWS Certified Developer Associate and then AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. Once ready, you can learn AWS Lambda and AWS CloudFormation in depth, or do the AWS Big Data certification.
Apache Kafka: Start with Apache Kafka for Beginners, then you can learn Connect, Streams and Schema Registry if you



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A lot of hands full examples. It's a really a must-have course for understandings Kafka Connect

By Raj on

Stephane!You are the BEST !!Very cool course!RegardsRajPrincipal Big Data Solutions Architect and tech leadNew York city

If you want to take this course please read this. Unfortunatelly they just care about your money. You can fetch data from mssql oraclesql mqtt with kafka-connect. But they made a really really useless example (they fetch data from twitter) and this example doesn't help you to fetch data from mssql oraclesql or mqtt. Because if you want to do it. It gives error. And if you ask a question for this, they say you gave us 10 dolar and we cant help you for connection. If anyone wants to show off their girlfriends or friends look I am connecting kafka to twitter. this course for them. Because no company wants to fetch data from twitter. and also if you ask for help they gave you confluent web page url. and also this course is great for some other topics.

Good learning about Kafka connector writing custom connector is awesome.Explaining every concept clearly.

The flow of concepts being taught really make sense in this course. The lectures for hands-on are really thorough and easy to follow. Thanks for putting up the wonderful course The only problem was unable to get a reasonable answer to my question. looking forward to hear back.

Excellent cours Stphane - comme d'habitude - l'exemple de connecteur custom avec github est un must seeExcellent training Stphane, as usual ! The custom connector building process is awesome, a must see / practiceMerci !

I found this course is quite good and solid. The lecturer give the materials in good and clean manner. Sometimes it lacks some details but it can be found in no-time using google and confluence.io. So I'm quite satisifed passing this course.Now, why I give the course only 3.5/5.0 you wonder...This course is all about Kafka Connect using Kafka. But most practice lessons are based on running kafka and standalone/cluster connect using docker. As well as using third part software landoop for connector configuration and monitoring. All this stuff just hides all the interesting parts of the system, so students will end up understading nothing what really happens under hood. I'm strongly recommend to switch the course using plain Kafka only. All things shown in the course can be easily done without using docker/landoop at all. For students that are doesn't familiar with docker all this looks like black magic, and docker is no more than some kind of black-box for them. So why this course need an additional layer of complexity using all this? It is worth to mention about these tools in special lecture, but not to build all the practice lessons.I'm quite familiar with docker, but since I was passing this course using my old Win7 laptop I end up doing all the practice lessons using plain Kafka and to say the truth this was really fun! I doesnt use docker cause VirtualBox for Win7 has known issues on mounting folders (folders are mount, but empty). So it is really start to be pain in ass to use docker in such environment.Anyway, thanks for the great course that gives me a bunch of motivation to search a lot of things beyond lecture materials, about using connectors in a plain manner ) It was really useful )

Could be better. I can read the thrown exceptions.I want to see the concept behind the implementation. I want to know the domain model, interfaces and implementations. I want to see "coding with me", and not explain some code and literally reading the message of the thrown exceptions. It seems to me that he talks about it and not EXPLAIN IT.

The content was good, but too much use of docker. Need more details on setting up kafka connect. This tutorial hides all underlying details required & faced in day to day.

Really great content from Stephane again!! Great motivator to learn further..I felt "writing own connector" section should be real time programming as you were explaining in Kafka beginners course on writing producers and consumers.

fantastic course. Was very helpful in understanding the concepts and deploying the same to a near production server. The Last chapter for Production setup was fantastic

It would be best, if he adds app which was mentioned in third step architecture diagram