App Design with Sketch: UI and UX (

Design Mobile Apps using Sketch and the best UI/UX methods, Develop an App Idea, and Become an App Design Entrepreneur.

Created by: Bruno Recht

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Know what UI/UX is and how it affects the Success of your Products.
  • Design your own apps from Scratch, finalizing them in Sketch and make a functional Prototype.
  • Understand the process from the first Idea to an awesome, user-centered App.

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Course Description

Sketch has become the best tool for designing mobile Apps. It is used by the most innovative and disrupting Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM, Paypal and many more.

"This course was really useful and it has helped me a lot to improve my UI skills."
Review by Max Cke

In this course you're going to learn the essentials of an outstanding App Design from the Idea, to Wireframes, the Final UI in Sketch to a Prototype which works almost like a real App!
Do you have something in mind that could change the world? Are you a developer and want to get a deep understanding about UI and UX and design methods? Do you want to earn a living by following your passion and creating the digital future?
We'll cover these topics
  • APPS
  • UI/UX

You will learn to design the Snapchat App from Scratch. You will get to know fundamentals of design methods, colours and fonts. Furthermore you will learn How to Earn Money by designing Apps and how to monetize your own App. Can't wait to show you that!
I put all my knowledge in this course to prepare you to chase your dreams.
See you in the course.
Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who's interested in Design, Developing, Apps, Startups and Entrepreneurship.

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Instructor Details

Bruno Recht

Hi I'm Bruno. I'm Designmanager & Entrepreneur. I have designed several apps and learned a lot about UI and UX and that it affects your app tremendously. Now I want to share my knowledge and experiences about Startups, Entrepreneurship and successful Marketing on Udemy. I'm here to support you, so let me know if you have any questions!



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It's good for beginners, slow and clear explanations. Also nice to remember and learn new ways of doing some things and some information it gives, like plugins and webs, could be useful for some. For the rest play it at the highest speed and follow along like a little recap.

????????????????????Sketch????Layer > Combine > Break Apart ???? Layer > Path > Split ??? Rotate Copies ?????? icon?? auto-layout ? Generate Overview ????????????????????????????Sketch????

I needed this course to get familiar with Sketch, and it did it well. I feel like I am ready to sketch my app up.It also gives the necessary background (how to prototype, how to continue to learn), and is very practical (thanks to the real life example given: designing an app like snapchat).Useful advises also about the do's and the do not.Possible improvments: although it explains very well how to do things in sketch that are already designed, it does not explain how to conceived them from scratch. And I am in this situation right now. How with almost nothing but an idea, some data on the market, the problem to be solved, the solution and the target, and an UX prototype, can I can design UI artboards? How to "think" UI design, with sketch? Is there even a method? This would usefully complement this course.

By ??? on

It's very great!I learn many Sketch skills and the concept is very easy to understandthank you very much!

Excellent introduction to UI design with Sketch. Ideal for beginners looking to master the basics of design with Sketch. Thanks Bruno!

Thanks for such an excellent free course :)I feel ready to put my wireframes into a rich artboard and prototype

The course is to basic and I don't think it's a good way to learn design as there is no visualization involved and we're just making design over snapchat.

It is well-explained lecture, especially for the beginner.

The course is a little draggy. In the last video, the tutor did not recreate the icon as shown in the guide layer. And he doesn't show easier shortcuts like 'paste in place',etc. I feel the course could be more refined..

Very nicely created course, good for Beginners. Small and digestible videos. Great job Instructor

Great patient explanation

pretty good intro to the basics