Arduino Web Control: Step By Step Guide (

Make your own Arduino Web Control and start Controlling any device that you imagine using A Simple Webpage and Arduino

Created by: Educational Engineering Team

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Make your own Web Controlled System using Arduino
  • Learn Working Principle of Ethernet Shield and web control
  • Interface Ethernet Shield with Arduino

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Course Description

>>> This Course will teach you how to use a Web Page to Control anything using Arduino, This Guide will take you in a step by step manner to know what each component inside this circuit is, and what it does and how to wire it up, starting with the Ethernet shield and ending with resistors. <<<
>>> Continues Updates <<<
More than 5000 STUDENTS!!! THANK YOU!!!
What students are saying:
  • Bobbie Smith says, "The instructor is thorough and concise. Thank you."
  • Susi Kumar Prava says, "Great, Thank you"
  • Kalid Al-ahmadi says, "I love It very nice"
Welcome to this course.
You will know what is the actual working principle of Ethernet shield and how to interface and configure it correctly so that you can access your Arduino Powered device from anywhere with an internet connection, and control any device with simple clicks in a webpage.
After this course, you will be able to make your own web controlled device and the choice is yours to use it in any application that comes in your mind and can make your life easier since all connections are explained in details.
We are going to control LEDs from a web page using an Arduino Ethernet module. The Ethernet module will create a server using the router and we will set a web page for this server.
We will use the HTML commands to print the data and to make the buttons on the web page.
When the button on the web page is pressed, we will get some data on the serial monitor. We will save this data in the string and will use this data to turn the LED's ON or OFF.

Goal From Arduino Web Control Course:
- Connect Arduino Ethernet Shield to Arduino Board with all necessary Components and make it Internet Based.

What you will learn in this Course
- How to Connect an Ethernet Module to Arduino.
- The Right way to Detect Online Actions Using Arduino.
- The Working principle of Internet Control.
- How to interface different type of electronic elements with Arduino.
- How Arduino Can make your life easier.
- Program, burn a code and wire Arduino and Ethernet Module.
- Choose the right tools to start making amazing projects
- Why using Online control with Arduino is better than traditional Control Methods.Who this course is for:
  • Arduino Geeks
  • Electronics Geeks
  • Anyone Interested in Learning New Things about Arduino
  • Anyone Interested in Learning Arduino Web Control

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Instructor Details

Educational Engineering Team

Educational Engineering Team is a Leading Team in Microcontroller Industry, with over than 11 Years of Experience in Teaching and Doing Practical Projects.

We strive to put all our hands-on experience into these courses. Instead of superficial knowledge - we go into the depth of the topic and give you the exact - step by step blueprint on how to tame simple as well as complex topics in easy and digestible bite-sized videos.

This real-world knowledge enables you to grasp knowledge easily, and you can apply this learning immediately into your life and projects.

Educational Engineering Team has been in the Programming and Microcontroller business since 2007. We have been part of many projects. Over the course of these years - we have gained a good insight into students and educators needs. We are passionate about sharing all our collective knowledge with you. As of 2018, we have already taught over FIFTY-THOUSAND students and counting.

Educator and Author of "Educational Engineering".

Ashraf is an educator, Mechatronics engineer, electronics and programming hobbyist, and Maker. He creates online video courses on EduEng YouTube Channel (More Than 2 Million View) and author of two Microcontroller books.

As a Chief Educational Engineer since 2007 at Educational Engineering Team, the company he founded, Ashraf's mission is



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good team

The course is good for the person is starting in this world and need to use Arduino with Internet.

This is really helpful at the beginner level to understand the ins and outs of the Arduino Uno. Nice Experience.


The instructor is thorough and concise. Thank you.

Amazing experience

The code they were using during class didnt produce the web page shown, and was not the same as the the code downloaded from the link (which I didnt manage to compile without errors in the html part.When I take a course I expect the code presented and the one downloaded are the same and they work without errors from the beginning./Stefan

Pierde mucho tiempo sin explicar nada y faltan conceptos por explicar, an siendo una aplicacin muy bsica.

there were no explanations given for the lines of code. some of the explanations were false and incorrect.

until now all are known to me

I love It very nice