Instructor Arvid Schneider

Arvid Schneider

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Arvid loves being creative and technical at the same time, that is why he has been working in the industry as a technical director for leading VFX companies like ILM, MPC, Cinesite. In his 10+ years experience Arvid has worked on several big shows like Transformers, Ready Player One, Jurrassic World, James Bond - Spectre, to name the most recent.

Arvid is specialized in the look development and lighting field, where all the pipeline departments come together to create the final rendered image. Technical and artistic expertise is needed to compete in the high end industry of VFX.
For this reason Arvid is very keen to share and help other artists, new comers or even advanced artists in the look development and lighting field.
Arvid is also developing pipeline optimizations tools to improve efficiency of artists and production. Most of the code is written in python, a little part is C++.
Apart from developing third party tools for rendering packages, he also develops applications for iOS and macOS using Swift.

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clear and concise, what you need to know about katana to start with is packed in it.Thanks
- Review by Kirankumar

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