AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty - Hands On! (

Practice exam included! AWS DAS-C01 certification prep course with exercises. Kinesis, EMR, DynamoDB, Redshift and more!

Created by: Sundog Education by Frank Kane

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Maximize your odds of passing the AWS Certified Big Data exam
  • Move and transform massive data streams with Kinesis
  • Store big data with S3 and DynamoDB in a scalable, secure manner
  • Process big data with AWS Lambda and Glue ETL
  • Use the Hadoop ecosystem with AWS using Elastic MapReduce
  • Apply machine learning to massive data sets with Amazon ML, SageMaker, and deep learning
  • Analyze big data with Kinesis Analytics, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Redshift, RDS, and Aurora
  • Visualize big data in the cloud using AWS QuickSight

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Course Description

[v2020: The course is fully updated today and will be kept up-to-date all of 2020, including for the new AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty DAS-C01 exam revision (the update will be provided for free in this course). Happy learning! ]
The AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam is one of the most challenging certification exams you can take from Amazon. Passing it tells employers in no uncertain terms that your knowledge of big data systems is wide and deep. But, even experienced technologists need to prepare heavily for this exam. This course sets you up for success, by covering all of the big data technologies on the exam and how they fit together.
Best-selling Udemy instructors Frank Kane and Stphane Maarek have teamed up to deliver the most comprehensive and hands-on prep course we've seen. Together, they've taught over 300,000 people around the world. This course combines Stphane's depth on AWS with Frank's experience in Big Data, gleaned during his 9-year career at Amazon itself. Both Frank and Stphane have taken and passed the exam themselves on the first try.
The world of big data on AWS includes a dizzying array of technologies and services. Just a sampling of the topics we cover in-depth are:
  • Streaming massive data with AWS Kinesis
  • Queuing messages with Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Wrangling the explosion data from the Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Transitioning from small to big data with the AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • Storing massive data lakes with the Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Optimizing transactional queries with DynamoDB
  • Tying your big data systems together with AWS Lambda
  • Making unstructured data query-able with AWS Glue
  • Processing data at unlimited scale with Elastic MapReduce, including Apache Spark, Hive, HBase, Presto, Zeppelin, Splunk, and Flume
  • Predicting values and classifications with the Amazon Machine Learning Service
  • Applying neural networks at massive scale with Deep Learning, MXNet, and Tensorflow
  • Applying advanced machine learning algorithms at scale with Amazon SageMaker
  • Analyzing streaming data in real-time with Kinesis Analytics
  • Searching and analyzing petabyte-scale data with Amazon Elasticsearch Service
  • Querying S3 data lakes with Amazon Athena
  • Hosting massive-scale data warehouses with Redshift and Redshift Spectrum
  • Integrating smaller data with your big data, using the Relational Database Service (RDS) and Aurora
  • Visualizing your data interactively with Quicksight
  • Keeping your data secure with encryption, KMS, HSM, IAM, Cognito, STS, and more
Throughout the course, you'll have lots of opportunities to reinforce your learning with hands-on exercises and quizzes. And when you're done, this course includes a practice exam that's very similar to the real exam in difficulty, length, and style - so you'll know if you're ready before you invest in taking it. We'll also arm you with some valuable test-taking tips and strategies along the way.
Big Data is an advanced certification, and it's best tackled by students who have already obtained associate-level certification in AWS and have some real-world industry experience. This exam is not intended for AWS beginners.
You want to go into the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam with confidence, and that's what this course delivers. Hit the enroll button, and we're excited to see you in the course... and ultimately to see you get your certification!Who this course is for:
  • Experienced technologists seeking certification in Big Data technologies on Amazon Web Services.

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Sundog Education by Frank Kane

Sundog Education's mission is to make highly valuable career skills in big data, data science, and machine learning accessible to everyone in the world. Our consortium of expert instructors shares our knowledge in these emerging fields with you, at prices anyone can afford.
Sundog Education is led by Frank Kane and owned by Frank's company, Sundog Software LLC. Frank spent 9 years at Amazon and IMDb, developing and managing the technology that automatically delivers product and movie recommendations to hundreds of millions of customers, all the time. Frank holds 17 issued patents in the fields of distributed computing, data mining, and machine learning. In 2012, Frank left to start his own successful company, Sundog Software, which focuses on virtual reality environment technology, and teaching others about big data analysis.
Due to our volume of students we are unable to respond to private messages; please post your questions within the Q&A of your course. Thanks for understanding.Stephane is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to Big Data, Cloud & API. He's also a many-times best seller instructor on Udemy for his courses in Apache Kafka and AWS.
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By Douglas McNearney on a week ago

I used this course in conjunction with A Cloud Guru's offering (among other study items) and passed my test. This course is more high level than cloud guru, for me, taking both courses drastically helped. Everything on the exam was covered in the course. There are a few areas that I would emphasize more than what is presented in the videos, but the exam also changes next year.

By Fahim Mohammed on 4 weeks ago

Very good course !! Do go through this course thrice and give some mock exams, you will be good for the exams.Thanks for helping me with this certification !!

By Samuel Sander on 2 months ago

The material is well prepared and doesn't waste any time. The instructors are very knowledgable, easy to understand, and pleasant to listen to. Above all that, the course was effective, since I passed the exam on my first attempt! I can't wait to take another course from Frank or Stephane.

By Vaibhav Nasit on 4 months ago

This course gave me the complete idea about the AWS Bigdata Specialty exam. Thanks Stephane and Frank for this course. It helped me to understand all the key topics come in an exam.

By Rufus Simmons on 5 months ago

Great course, I used it as my primary reference and passed the Big Data Specialty certification exam on my first attempt. Although all areas were good, the security summary at the end was especially useful.

By Ones&Zeros on 5 months ago

Pros:The material is comprehensive covering many different exam objectives of Big Data Tech in one course. It is not easy to prepare this course. Good job on putting the lecture material together.Cons:1) The labs are difficult to complete. The labs are designed to build one after another; it is a good thing. However, missing one lab means difficultly to complete the rest. I wish cloudformation/beanstalk were provided in a modular and sequenced manner to help students to jump start from each lecture, rather than getting stuck.2) And did student raising questions after getting stuck has gotten the answers after weeks? No.3) the lecture material isn't consistent or self contain sufficiently. A later lecture covering additional critical exam info which were not provided earlier, i.e. Securities, Capacity, and etc. I have to organize and re-organize what I've learnt. Sloppy comes into my mind.

By Satya on 3 months ago

This is a great course for AWS Certified Big Data Specialty. I have passed this certification today.This course has helped me a lot. Thanks a ton to Stephane and Frank. The design of course is excellent and the lab were the best. I will like recommend to everyone.

By Harry Burn on 2 months ago

This course is the best I have taken on Udemy or Coursera. Stephan and Frank both have an easy going listenable manner with excellent insight on the subject matter and how to pass the exam. Useful heuristic shortcuts e.g. Petabyte scale - often means Presto, KDA - 'It ain't cheap guys': both came up the exam I just passed. Thanks a lot!

By Maaz Ahmed on 2 weeks ago

The training was too good and I could relate the concepts thought in this course to the questions that appear in exam. I would like to mention for the advantage of viewers that I had purchased few practice exams in addition to this course and referred AWS study materials. I have cleared certification FYI. Exam date : Nov 29, 2019

By Sunanda Gopal on 5 months ago

Course material is very good. It covers all relevant topics for the exam. I highly recommend this course to anyone who likes to take the certification exam or to learn about AWS big data.

By Cybe Link on 2 weeks ago

Great course, it helped me a lot in passing.

By Abhishek Guha on 3 months ago

Passed my exam with 84% score in August. This helped me heavily to start my journey for my AWS Bigdata exam preparation. I loved the precise slide handout and the Lab sessions were really easy to follow and quite helpful. It would be really good if some more detailed discussion on Redshift architecture and design patterns are added to the course. But thanks a lot Stephane and Frank for the comprehensive course on Udemy!