Blaine Sundrud

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Most Recent Review

Poorly prepared course. The quizzes ask only one or two questions. The workload is not divided properly. Some weeks have hours long videos and some has a few minute ones. It seems like an intern has combined the videos from AWS library to generate some traffic on Coursera. There are only demos of the tool and no hands-on labs like the ones Google offers. You are much better off seeing the videos on AWS's portal.
- Review by Fakhir K

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Instructor Bio

Blaine Sundrud, from Washington D.C., has been teaching technology for more years than he is willing to admit. After spending time teaching in the newspaper industry, he moved to the AWS Training and Certification Department. Blaine has taught classes globally on many different disciplines, such as Security, Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Big Data, AI/ML, and Theatre History. When asked if he can actually quote every line in The Godfather, he smiles and changes the subject.

Blaine Sundrud's Core Subjects

  • artificial intelligence