Blender Isometric Art : Create 3D Scenes From Scratch (

This comprehensive guide helps you to create beautiful Isometric scenes using Blender

Created by: Isuru Lakshan

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Isometric camera settings
  • Creating isometric stylish 3D models
  • Applying materials
  • Blender rigidbody simulation related to the scenes
  • Rigging 3D objects
  • Animate your models
  • Setting up the lighting
  • Rendering the scenes

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

You are warmly welcome to the Blender Isometric Art course at Udemy.
Are you a new comer to 3D creation and Blender use? or else, are you a person who has not yet create an isometric creation using Blender but having keen interest to learn more on this subject? This course has been prepared for you. This is a compulsory section you should know when entering to 3D creations.
At the end of this course, you will come to know:
  • What is an Isometric creation and a good knowledge on that?
  • To create your own Isometric creation using Blender easily and accurately with great confident.
  • This knowledge can be used for other 3D based projects.
  • Enhance the skill that you require to 3D creations such as 3D modeling, adding materials, rigging, animation, simulation, Isometric camera settings, lighting, rendering etc.
Through the first chapter, we are going to give you a knowledge on various Isometric cameras that will be used in Blender. while doing this, we will explain you how to install the Add-on into the Blender easily, how to create them separately and how to use them etc.
In the second chapter, mainly we explain you how to create a tractor scene under the Isometric system. Finally we render it as a quality video. This has been designed to cover all the parts related to an Isometric creation. I am sure, this will be new experience to you.
Next we will come to the third chapter. Through this we will explain you An Isometric robot cleaner scene. This will provide you more explanation in addition to the main exercise that we provided you. Besides you can develop your designing ability in 3D creations from this.
In the chapter 4 you will be give a 3D explosion scene on the Isometric system. Through this it is specially explained about the rigidbody option & array modifier.
We will explain you how to create An Isometric stylish rabbit through the chapter 5. Actually this is very funny also you will be able to do more and more animal creations using these modeling techniques.
We also have provided important downloadable project files to to give you more support on the creations.
At the end of this course you will be in confident to create your own beautiful Isometric creations for your 3D based projects.
So, I invite you to gain more experience on Isometric creations on the Blender which is a powerful free and open source software by following this course.
Thank you !Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for complete Blender beginners
  • Those who have not yet done an isometric creation using Blender
  • Those who have objects for creation of 3D such as advertising, presentation and education projects etc.

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Instructor Details

Isuru Lakshan

Hi, I'm Isuru Lankshan. I spend half of my daytime creating 3D animated projects in my own studio being a 3D Artist, and the rest of my time I spend for the beginners who entered into 3D animation creations being an Instructor.
I have started this life as a 3D Artist since 2009. By improving my enthusiasm for 3D art since childhood. During last years I engaged in 3D creations using Blender. I have special enthusiasm on creating 3D scenes.
I have been an Instructor since 2013. I have given knowledge for many students about 3D modeling and animation up to now.
while spending my time as mentioned above I have understood that this is the best time to share the knowledge that I gathered about this field for the crowd who entered into 3D field around the world through these courses. When I create these courses I always try to give this knowledge which can be understood easily and simply by the students. So I tell you to be with my courses continuously as it will help you to take you for the targets and dreams of yours.



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There should be detail why we are pressing certain buttons

Really enjoyed this course and learned a lot about the Blender user interface. I feel confident I can move on to a more advanced course.

I`m enjoying the course so far. The only thing what is a little bit annoying, the instructor could speed up a little bit. Sometimes there are unnecessary breaks in the videos. Other then that, I would recommend especially for beginners, they would like his slow path to follow along. Great job. The first Isometric course on Udemy, until now I could never find any Isometric courses on here. Thanks for it. Lots of YouTube Tutorials on Isometric Modeling lacking a lot of explaining the right cam Settings. Excellent.

so far so clear :)