Instructor Brad Colbow

Brad Colbow

Freelance Designer and Illustrator

Hi, Im Brad. Im a professional graphic designer and Illustrator.
Ive published comics, run conferences but what Im best known for is running a Youtube channel where I talk about technology for illustrators. In that time Ive published reviews on everything from the Surface Pro to the iPad pro. And everything in between.
I believe drawing and illustration is a journey, we are all constantly learning and getting better and I blog about that on my channel as well. I think anyone can learn to draw all it takes is practice.
Its never to late to pick up a pencil and start learning.

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The first section is mostly introductory and introduces the software. The UI presented is a little outdated. But the course only cost me $20 and hasn't been updated in 2 years so it is about what I expected. It had nothing actually wrong presented and there were a few good tips.
- Review by Matt Maranda

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