Build 7 Real World Applications with Vue.js (

Build 7 professional, real-world, and fun-filled projects that you can use to jump-start your Vue.js career

Created by: Packt Publishing

Produced in 2021

What you will learn

  • Learn to build more complex applications and to share data across components by creating a simple web shop.
  • Manage a real-time chat capability to integrate real-time communication with a backend service and build Vue .JS applications with push capability.
  • Implement three different ways of connecting to the server and routing data around your application
  • Use off-the-shelf libraries to get to the features you want more quickly

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Course Description

Are you willing to enhance your basic Vue.js skills with a real-world project to deepen your understanding of Vue.js. Then this course is for you!
Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications.
With this practically oriented course, you will mainly focus on creating 7 real-world projects such as creating a miniature Spotify-like music library to manage your song collection, builds a tracker for TV shows, desktop and web RSS reader & much more. While building this project you will also learn basics of working with Vue.js, vue-router, and using plugin components integrate real-time communication with a backend service, which we can use to build Vue.JS applications with push capability.
By the end of this course, you will be able to build complex and large web applications with Vue.js & also implement your own real-world applications, troubleshoot errors with your Vue.js application.
Contents and Overview
This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.
The first course, Real World Projects with Vue.js you'll create a miniature Spotify-like music library to manage your song collection where you'll learn the basics of working with Vue.js, vue-router, and using plugin components. The next project builds a tracker for TV shows where we'll expand on our app-building experience by integrating an external API using the native fetch API. The third project is a simple web shop, which will introduce building more complex applications. We will add Vuex to our stack to share data and state across components. The last project is a real-time chat feature, with the ability to create, join, and manage various rooms. It will integrate real-time communication with a backend service, which we can use to build Vue.JS applications with push capability. By the end of the course, you will have the Vue.JS knowledge needed to implement your own real-world applications.
The second course, Practical Projects with Vue JS 2 will walk you through three complete practical projects in Vue.js that show the breadth of the framework, and also show how it is used practically via real-world examples. It fills a void not met by reference guides or cookbooks but adds value to both of those resources. You will not only understand how to use the framework, but also which choices were made, and why. These projects will act as jumping off points for you in your own projects.
About the Authors:
Daniel Khalil is the co-founder of Brainsware. He is a full-stack developer for 12 years now, self-employed freelancer since 2009. Most of his work lately is with Elixir (Phoenix) and Vue.js. He loves creating software that's usable, testable and maintainable.
Jack Herrington is a Principal Software Engineer at Nike working. He works in React, Vue, and AngularJS and has presented to a wide set of audiences on a variety of web technologies. He has written six books and hundreds of articles covering both the front- and back-end. Before Nike he was the UI Architect at Walmart Labs.Who this course is for:
  • This course targets JavaScript developers, front-end developers, Vue .js developers, professional web developer to build amazing and complex reactive web applications with Vue .js & and solve real-world problems with their Vue .js applications.

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The coding parts in the second section of this course are all fast forwarded and hard to keep up. The first section was confusing as to what was actually happening I didn't even bother with it! The presentation of this course could be much better.

cant to process with it..