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Course Description

This MOOC describes by example how to build cloud services via the use of object-oriented design techniques; Java programming language features; Java Servlets, the Java Spring Framework; and cloud computing platforms, such as Amazon Web Services. Due to the importance of building secure and scalable mobile/cloud platforms, this MOOC will not only show you how to build cloud services, but how to do so securely, scalably, and efficiently. Security and scalability topics will be woven into discussions of cloud service creation so that students learn, from the start, how to create robust cloud services.

Instructor Details

Dr. Jules White

Dr. Jules White is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Vanderbilt University. He was previously a faculty member in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech and won the Outstanding New Assistant Professor Award at Virginia Tech. His research has won 5 Best Paper and Best Student Paper Awards. He has also published over 85 papers. Dr. White's research focuses on securing, optimizing, and leveraging data from mobile cyber-physical systems. His mobile cyber-physical systems research spans four key focus areas: (1) mobile security and data collection, (2) high-precision mobile augmented reality, (3) mobile device and supporting cloud infrastructure power and configuration optimization, and (4) applications of mobile cyber-physical systems in multi-disciplinary domains, including energy-optimized cloud computing, smart grid systems, healthcare/manufacturing security, next-generation construction technologies, and citizen science. Dr. White's research has been licensed and transitioned to industry, where it won an Innovation Award at CES 2013, attended by over 150,000 people, was a finalist for the Technical Achievement at Award at SXSW Interactive, and was a top 3 for mobile in the Accelerator Awards at SXSW 2013. His research is conducted through the Mobile Application computinG, optimizatoN, and secUrity Methods (MAGNUM) Group at Vanderbilt University, which he directs. Through his research efforts



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By Philippe C on 18-May-19

Very good introduction to Spring Framework. I also like the fact that there is an excellent explanation about the protocol HTTP. As developer, we use it all the time but knowing more details about it are really interresting.

By on 14-Mar-19

Very good and clearly explains everything.Provides insight from the basics to the code we write every day.

By Bledar A on 16-Apr-19

Well done course, very clear videos and easy to follow.

By ALEKSANDR P on 31-Jul-19

Great Instructor! I like this course

By Rodrigo C V on 31-May-19

It's a great course teached by a great professor. Thanks!

By Preeyaporn P on 9-Sep-19

This is one of the courses that I would definitely recommend. Quizzes and especially programming assignments really helped my understanding. Plus Prof. Jules is one of the great instructors.

By Sandip S P on 24-Aug-19

I like the course content and the way of teaching of instructor. Best part of the course is Assignment. I can say proudly worth it.

By Wensheng L on 27-Sep-19

good class with clear presentation and detailed code examples

By Sivasankar T on 26-Sep-19

Way of Structuring the course is good.

By Luis P M on 29-Sep-19

Very well explained, the professor Jules White is a great teacher.

By on 2-Nov-19

Thank you for your course.Everything is very clear and understandable, what the teacher tells.

By Stefan Z on 20-Oct-19

This course is beginners level, so I'm going to write the review with that in mind. The course covers a breadth of topics - network protocols (HTTP, REST), IaaS vs PaaS, MVC model, Web Servlets and Controllers, DAO layer, different database strategies (relational vs NoSQL), deployment strategies. For my personal taste it would have been better to delve deeper into the different topics, which this course doesn't do. Instead it covers a lot of different topics but mostly on the surface level. I think that makes it better for beginners to have a better grasp of the overall architecture of a back-end system. The practical assignments were well documented and will teach the student how to write controllers for a back-end application. Overall, I think this is a great course for beginners level.