Business Branding: Develop a Unique Brand Identity (

Branding: Learn fundamental branding techniques & branding strategies to build a distinctive brand. Branding tools

Created by: Grid Wire

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • What is branding and how it can help you grow your business
  • Build an authentic brand with personality to gain your customers's loyalty
  • Discover the secret elements required for creating a successful brand
  • Develop your unique design
  • Learn how to create a powerful brand logo
  • Understand how to visually communicate your products and services
  • Learn how successful organizations use strategies to stand out from the crowd

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Course Description

In the world of business, having a strong brand is everything. Those who lack a powerful branding strategy are certainly going to struggle in their climb to success. Having a compelling brand can make the difference between success and failure in the business world.
In this course you will learn how to develop a powerful brand strategy by blending your personality and values with the functionality of your products, becoming a authentic brand and company.
Whether you lead a growing company, or are just starting out, this course will walk you through all of the necessary steps for creating a powerful brand. With proven, and well-organized logic, it will set you on the path to selling moreand at higher pricesgiving the customers exactly what they want and sending your profits through the roof.
In addition, I'm going to reveal hidden elements involved in creating a successful brandfrom the strapline that gives the brand a narrative and a purpose to clever uses of typography that unite design and language.
This course explores every step of the development process required to create the simplest and most immediately compelling brands.Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested and willing to learn more about branding
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to create products and businesses
  • Designers, brand marketers, product managers
  • People who are looking for a short course that moves quickly and gets to the point

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Grid Wire

Welcome to GridWire. Here you will find courses on many topics including: Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, Sales, Marketing and Business.

About me: I have been a freelancer for almost 10 years now and I am making my living out of it. I love teaching my skills to other people and wish to get better at doing it. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and I always try to make it easy to understand to absolutely anyone. I hope you will find my courses insightful and valuable.



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The author is very knowledgeable. Yes, he has a different accent but you'll adapt and understand it if you're committed to learning.

It's good so far. It's a very high level / basic course, as it says in the description. I wanted to brush up what I learnt in college, make sure I wasn't missing anything when working in Brand Strategy after a few years out of marketing, but I might have to pull out my text books to dig deeper into certain concepts. I would recommend that the creator consider using a voice over artist to make the content easier for USA market to absorb.

Amazing course!! I took many courses on the subject and this one was finally what I was looking for. A direct and to the point course that put me through a much needed introspection of my own brand and made see the changes that were necessary for my company to succeed. I cannot thank the instructor enough. Highly recommended!

This course really drives home what it takes to push your brand to the next level. If you're looking for a great approach to brand-buildind - then look no further. I recommend this course to any business owner. The simple steps outlined in this course are easy to understand and implement.

Good info, narrator has a strong accent and slow monotone reading voice. It takes a bit of listening to get adjusted to his accent.speeding up video helps. Otherwise I like the info.

A really great course for helping you clarify who you are and what your business is really about. If you've ever struggled with explaining what your company does, or why it really exists (not just another lookalike business) then this course will help you. Messaging and branding is there difference between having to drop your prices to compete on price, versus getting paid a premium to be a high-end provider because of your branding.

This is a fantastic course from start to finish. As someone looking to start my own business I've found it extremely insightful for many reasons. It excels at outlining the building blocks of successful brand development and it will certainly create a level of excitement for new entrepreneurs. I recommend this course to anyone seeking to break from the mold and truly create success with their brand.

Because I'm in the beginning stages of starting a new business myself, discovering this course couldn't have happened at a better time. It gave me some really good ideas how to build my business in a way so that it stands out from the competition. What I really liked about this course, is the instructor uses a lot of real-life examples to back up his what he proposes, so it's not just opinion-based theory about branding. Overall I found this course very valuable, and I highly recommend it.

Most marketing courses that I've watched start with few lectures of fluff before they get to the one or two insights that set their courses apart from the rest. This course was quite different -- the value that you get from the very beginning of this course is incomparable. Whether you're a freelancer or run a large corporation, identifying and marketing the core identity of your brand is an essential step that is often not executed effectively, if at all.

Compellingly honest and straightforward, and absent the jargon-heavy tone of other courses. It clearly outlines and reinforces each part of the branding process. If you're serious about developing and being successful with your brand, this course is a wonderful resource, full of solid advice and examples. Whether you've considered creating a brand, but didn't know where to start, or already have a business whose brand identity could use some clarity and polish to move to the next level, you'll find this course very helpful.

This course is very good for aspiring entrepreneurs, and those who are in business and want to take their success to the next level. All the sales tactics in the world won't work if your brand identity isn't clear, and this course will show you how to do it.

The brand is the essence of any venture. If not created smartly, it might not achieve the goals it intends to achieve. A successful brand always tells a unique story. This course teaches you how you can create the branding essence for yourself and your company. It does not matter if you are an established business or just starting out, you need to have a clear message and story and this course helps you identify that. It will simplify a lot of things for you.