Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 1 - Strategy (

Build A Strategic Brand From The Ground Up, To Catapult Your Marketing Impact

Created by: Stephen Houraghan

Produced in 2020

What you will learn

  • How to spark your audiences interest and hold their attention
  • How to position your brand effectively to stand out on its own
  • How to get your audience to feel something for your brand through personality development
  • the common mistakes that nearly all failing start-up's make and how to avoid them
  • How to develop a brand voice that makes it easy to resonate through content and social media marketing
  • Why most businesses lose money with their Facebook or Google Ad campaigns
  • How to enhance your marketing efforts through effective storytelling adapted for modern platforms

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Course Description

You're here because you want to build a strategic brand from the ground up.

A brand that sparks interest, connects through emotion and nurtures long-lasting and loyal relationships.

Whether you're an entrepreneur building a new brand,

a business owner who wants to improve performance,

or a brand designer who wants to enhance their work with strategy,

this course will teach you step-by-step, how to build a strategic brand from the ground up.

  • What are the common mistakes that nearly all failing startups make?
  • How can you spark your audiences interest and hold their attention?
  • Why do most businesses lose money with their Facebook or Google Ad campaigns?
  • How do you position your brand effectively to stand out on its own?
  • How do you get your audience to feel something for your brand through personality development?
  • How do you develop a brand voice that that makes it easy to resonate through content marketing and social media marketing?
  • How can you enhance your marketing efforts through effective storytelling adapted for modern platforms?

If you want to know the answers to these questions and learn the techniques, frameworks and processes to build a strategic & effective brand from scratch then this is the course for you.

Welcome to Business branding: The Compete Course

This is part 1 of a 2 part course where you'll discover the techniques and processes

that will allow you to develop your own brand step-by-step as you work your way throughout the course.

You'll learn about the importance of brand substance and how most people see through a brands fluff.

You'll uncover exactly who your audience is so you can position your brand uniquely and effectively while you'll use their characteristics and behaviours to resonate with them through personality.

As we move throughout the course, Ill be prompting you to take action step-by-step, allowing you to build a brand with a solid foundation in place, strategically built around who your audience is.

You'll then be perfectly placed to express your strategic brand through messaging, storytelling and visual presence, which we'll cover in part 2 of this course.

As always there's the 30 day money back guarantee so theres no risk, if you don't like the content, you can get your money back.

I truly believe that the information in this course, will help you to build a brand from the ground up, with a framework that allows you to connect with and nurture your audience to build long-term following and loyalty.

I really hope to see you inside

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs building a brand for their business venture
  • Business owners that want to improve their performance
  • Business owners losing money on marketing campaigns
  • Brand designers who want to improve their work by building brands with strategy

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Instructor Details

Stephen Houraghan

As a brand creator and strategist, I founded The Iconic Fox Agency based in Sydney and we service clients throughout the globe. We provide creative and strategic services for publicly listed companies as well as funded and independent startups spanning all industries from mining to education.
With a background in business and corporate finance I've worked with global banks in Dublin, Ireland and investment firms in Sydney, Australia.

in 2008 I began applying my corporate knowledge in the branding arena and made the transition into brand strategy and creative in 2012.
I am a regular industry contributor writing about topics within brand strategy and communication and have featured in marketing, branding and design publications including Hubspot, Marketo, Design Taxi, Creative Bloq and Inside Business.



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Great, thank you. Clear, comprehensive and practical - a perfect introduction to branding and brand strategy.

The most informative, in-depth, exceptional course i have ever come across on udemy. I was fortunate enough to get both courses at a 93% discount but even the original price of 200 each is to me too low for how much insight and knowledge you get from his lectures. It has now given me loads of confidence to develop my own brand and that im now confident enough i can do brand strategy for others. Thank you so much! 10/10

The course is great. The worksheets and the structure are very helpful. Good clear voice, factual in the topic and overall very commendable. I feel inspired ...

molto professionale, spiegato bene. Stephen molto credibile la sua immagine coerente alle sue parole ed il tono che utilizza. Sono veramente soddisfatta

This is very helpful...amazing content with detail explanation...I love the Advertisements section the most, because of that i got clear idea of what is the message behind this... Thank you so much

Very good course. Highly recommend you take it. In depth explanation of the topic along with some very good examples. Will complete part 2 sometime in the future.

This course was hugely empowering and engaging. Wow! what a journey. I'm truly excited about the branding strategy that I'm developing. Definitely 5/5.

This was a great course, the facilitator was super clear, expresive, good voice tone, presentation skills, examples, everything was great.

This course is a great foundation for branding a business. It covers all the necessary basics without being overwhelming and I really appreciated the market research and psychology aspects (meaning the theories are based on more than opinion). I want to go more in-depth with this info, so I've also signed up for Part 2.

Very well explained, the classes are detailed and easy to follow. The course not only clarifies what a brand strategy is, but also shows step by step how to develop this strategy. I found it really helpful.

Exactly what I was looking for. Branding made simple without really forgetting its complexity. Great teachings. Will apply.

best course on branding