Business Branding: The Complete Course Part 2 - Expression (

Express Your Business Brand With Advanced Messaging And Storytelling Frameworks

Created by: Stephen Houraghan

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Expression
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Presence
  • Neuro Science
  • Brans Psychology
  • Colour Theory
  • Typography
  • Brand Identity Design

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Course Description

Welcome to business branding the complete course part 2

This is a continuation from business branding the complete course part 1

If you've completed part one, you will have already developed a solid strategic foundation for your brand, which we we now look to strategically express in part two.

Part 1 is all about strategy and developing a solid and substantial foundation for your brand.

We set the tone with the brand anatomy outlining the elements of a strategic brand and where the all fit together before diving into the importance of strategy and strategic thinking.

We laid out your purpose vision, mission and values of the internal brand which make up the substance, beliefs and behaviours of your brand before exploring and developing each element of your positioning strategy including your audience persona, competitive research and your differentiator.

We developed your brand personality using advanced techniques through the archetypal framework along with a visual representation and tone of voice for your brand persona.

In part two, we'll be taking everything you've created in part one and building on it to develop your brand expression framework which focuses heavily on your messaging and storytelling.

We begin with a focus on brand psychology and neuroscience. Before we develop a communication framework, we need to understand what messages our brain seeks out and what they filter out and why.

We'll look at the impact emotion has on decision making and how the biggest brands in the world use it as a craft.

Both our core message and brand story are intertwined and lean on each others to draw the audience in and then nurture them.

We look at the advanced frameworks that allow us, not only to strategically break down what we want to say and how we want to say it, but that provides us with a guide for creating advertisements, website copy, email marketing, social media posts and more.

You'll discover techniques and processes for developing a premium brand name and tagline before we define your brand promise and uncover its power.

We'll take an objective look at the visual identity and learn how to inject strategy into its development before we uncover how to build your brand presence using your communication frameworks and digital marketing channels.

By the end of part one and part two, you'll have built a strategic brand from the ground up. You'll have a brand book that will act as your brand management guide and the techniques processes and frameworks to replicate the process.

Who this course is for:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Brand Managers
  • Brand Designers
  • Brand Strategists

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Instructor Details

Stephen Houraghan

As a brand creator and strategist, I founded The Iconic Fox Agency based in Sydney and we service clients throughout the globe. We provide creative and strategic services for publicly listed companies as well as funded and independent startups spanning all industries from mining to education.
With a background in business and corporate finance I've worked with global banks in Dublin, Ireland and investment firms in Sydney, Australia.

in 2008 I began applying my corporate knowledge in the branding arena and made the transition into brand strategy and creative in 2012.
I am a regular industry contributor writing about topics within brand strategy and communication and have featured in marketing, branding and design publications including Hubspot, Marketo, Design Taxi, Creative Bloq and Inside Business.



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I had an idea that branding was in-depth but didnt realize what that looked like. This course painted a clear picture of what branding is all about and how to execute it with your business or somebody elses business. Lots of resource material is included which will make it easier to apply this knowledge into actual practice. I recommend this course. Definitely worth the money.

The way he explains things is so clear and precise - no unnecessary 'filler' sentences to make things sound fancy or high tech. Smooth transitions and explanations that are straight to the point! Concepts in the course are also so helpful.

I really liked the course, it was excellent. I just won't give 5 stars because Stephen takes too long to answer the questions, which is kinda frustrating. I experienced that in part 1 (I deleted the question, BTW), and also now, in this course (it's been 11 days since I posted and now it's finished). But overall was very good!

I built an entire brand and its strategy from the ground up with these courses. Well researched and delivered! Thank you!

I loved the course - great explanations with examples. The worksheets are the best. Thanks for sharing your intelligence!

This course is amazing. Really helpful. He did an amazing job turning advanced information into understandable content

An exceptional, in-depth course that covers every aspect you will require to create a clear and detailed brand strategy to inform the way you build your brand.

The instructor covers materials that are useful in a way that makes sense and through the use of examples. Great course to understand methods for developing and evolving a brand.

Thank you, Stephen!This was an amazing course with good examples and the main thing - everything was explained so clearly that even a person who have not dealt with such topics before could go ahead and do it on his or her own because complex information was elegantly turned into understandable form for everyone.I recommend this course (part 1 and 2) for everyone who is taking care of a brand or who is starting one.

As a self-taught copywriter who struggles to figure out which skills I want to pursue and offer as a service to clients, both parts of this course have been extremely helpful in helping me wrap my mind around the agency I want to start.

Brilliantly presented. Great information. A go to for everyone with an interest in Branding!

Trs bel apprentissage , qui m'claire encore mieux sur comment je dois construire ma marque !