C Programming for Beginners - Go from Zero to Hero! (Udemy.com)

Unlock your super hero skills to master the C programming language in less than 30 days guaranteed.

Created by: EDUmobile Academy

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Understand Pointers in a better way
  • Write Command Line Arguments
  • Write a Program using C Language

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Overall Score : 80 / 100

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Course Description

The C programming language has spurred many language developments since its invention by Dennis Ritchie in the early 1970s. Many modern programming languages owe their syntax to C: learning C first makes learning other languages such as Java, php, and Swift much easier. C is still a very popular programming language after over 40 years
In this course, we'll explore the C programming language in a different way than is usually taught. We'll start with data types (of course), then quickly dispel the mystery (and fright) that surrounds C's most powerful element, the pointer. Understanding pointers first allows us to grasp the underlying nature of arrays and structs, parameters passed by reference, and many other things hidden by other languages but exposed in C.
The course contains five units that teach the foundations of C. Here's what you'll learn:
- Data types and operators
- Pointers and arrays
- Input and output
- Command line arguments
- Decisions and loops
- Functions
- Value and reference parameter passing
- Structures
- The stack vs. the heap, and dynamic allocation
- Working with linked lists
So why wait sign up today!Who this course is for:
  • Freshers wants to learn C Programming Language
  • Those who Learned C Programming but now want to Brush up their Skills

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Very good up to about the middle of the course. After that, the instructor began to mix up words, or fail to define them at all, so I was lost most of the time. Each lesson took about 30 minutes to slowly drag through, and I learned very little toward the end of the course. I couldn't tell if terms were English words, functions, variable names, variable values, C conventions, or his own private conventions. I will not take another course from this instructor.

Well explained and excellent course! Covers all the basics of the language, enough to get you started on any project you'd like. One addendum though, it might be nice to finish up with a "Now what..?" type of lecture, where you give sample project ideas that would really solidify the information taught in your class, or cause the student to carry on with research in a guided general direction. Just food for thought though.

Great course. Very confined and to the point. Just was a bit quick on the data structures part, or it's rather complex in itself, I dunno :)..very good for someone who wants to revive C concepts and which s/he used to work on for a while. Instructor speaks English as a native language which makes him pretty easy to understand.

This course is simple and direct to the point till simple language concepts to more complex (like doubly linked list). The instructor's language and downloadable resources are clear and objectives.

It's not really very comprehensive but it's pretty good start for beginners. but yes its very informative.The quality of course is more than good.The instructor is excellent but the last videos in the last section need to be more detailed.

OK, but I thought the course presentation was short on graphic aids or explanatory slides, etc. I would also prefer the addition of interesting coding assignments which build upon each other.

It starts out great but then the audio gets pretty fuzzy and hard to understand in units 3-5. Also advanced concepts near the end were hard to understand for a newbie.

Great overview of the C programming language and the Queue examples present pointers well.

Whilst there is little doubt in the ability and knowledge of the instructor, the delivery leaves much to be desired.Of course this is a free offering, and in my opinion, quite rightly so. Offered as an introduction to C, it begins quite well with good explanations and code examples of basic C structure. However, gradually, it drifts into the realm of bloated examples, and more an example of the tutors skill but lacking in much explanation as to why, and less clear how.On several occasions, the author provides an explanation for a particular aspect of the language (for example ternary conditional statements) he describes there value and usage and when they could be used, but then never uses them in any examples, preferring instead to use the alternative methods that it could have replaced.Despite being labelled for beginners, the author too often sets a task, but then returns to it briefly with little explanation apart from "Well that should have been easy for you" and then moves on.The most disappointing aspect of the course was when the more complex parts of C, such as structs linked lists, and memory allocation, these are rushed through with only an example of the pre-written code explained quickly, but any explanation of why and when totally forgotten. (an example is structs and typedef). The sections quickly become simply a walk through of the authors own code, with only fleeting reference made to the c API methods via a website. There is often confusion between what the author is implementing and what actually is provided by c itself (for example enqueue and dequeue, were explained as functions of c, yet the author created these functions himself in his code)I am pedantic and picky, but I am a seasoned deveoper in Java, and chose to go back to C to refresh my basics. But in this course, I feel the execution needed much improvement, as I say this no way detracts from the knowledge and skill of the author, it does however, show that this is not always brought across as an effective course. Thus, despite its free, status, I would recommend looking for something more paced, comprehensive and involved even at a small price.

I loved the course. It was brief, very helpful and met my expectations. I also found instructor's delivery intersting.

It was a great beginner course. The course will take you zero to one. This is only the first step in a very long journey.

I want to completely second the review of Stephen Matthew and every word he has said in there. Please read his detailed review, as i don't want to copy every word. I feel like this course explains the syntax pretty well, but it also fails on the "why are we doing this?" -aspect many times.In addition i want to mention that the audio quality of this course is extremely bad, in the case of a overdriven microphone through out the entire course. calling your tutorials high quality is therefore a lie in my opinion. coupled with a extremely high price, i cannot recommend this course.