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Coffee Powered Crew

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

We are programmers and artists from UK, USA and South Africa. Wemet each other over the years during conferences & other work related encounters. We also brought some excellent people we knew to create Coffee Powered Crew.

Coffee Powered Crew is based on only one goal, that is, to create experts in the leading programming languages, technologies and software applications. You can move ahead of competition only if you are an expert in your field. We believe that to be an expertyou need to know more than just the syntax and commands. An expert needs to understand the concepts & fundamentals behind the technology or programming language. You need a proper training & experience to become an expert. We hope to help you with the proper training.
We believe a good training needs to provide proper explanation of concepts. That means not just throwing out some word jumble while instructor is typing away the code. A proper focused lecture on each important concept before using & applying that concept makes a good training. We have hired people to create learning aids like animations & drawings to explain concepts properly.
We are hoping that we'll be part of your journey to success and we'll get a chance to help you learn something new that can help you move ahead in your career.
Good Luck!
Coffee Powered Crew

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  • Version Control with Git - Concepts with Hands On Projects(2017)

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