Complete ASP.NET MVC course in C# (

Learn basics of MVC and how to build fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5

Created by: Bhrugen Patel

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Learn the benefits of using of .NET MVC and the need for MVC
  • Learn How to Develop Web Applications using MVC Design Pattern
  • Learn How to work with Models, Views(Razor) and Controllers
  • Understand the concepts of Routing
  • Learn How to use Various ActionResult
  • Learn How to work with HTML Forms
  • Learn How to use Scaffolding Templates
  • Learn How to Perform Validations with Annotations
  • Learn How to Develop Custom Helper/Extension Methods
  • Learn How to use AJAX with in a MVC Application
  • Learn How to apply Security to MVC Applications
  • Learn Entity Framework Code First Methodology
  • Authentication and Authorization in MVC

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

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Learn Web Development with one of the most upcoming framework for Microsoft which is ASP.NET MVC using C#. ASP.NET MVC is most common requirement now when you are looking for a new job in .NET world and with this course you will have the knowledge that is needed for the same.
I have designed this course by taking in picture anyone who has been working with ASP.NET C# , but they think its time to learn the most upcoming trend which is ASP.NET MVC. This course will help you get a solid understanding of the basic building blocks of MVC and you will also take a look at some advance topics in MVC as we build Book Rental application from scratch.
The key to success is practice and that is what you would be doing over and over as you would write controllers, actions and view from scratch and work your way to success, while doing so you would get solid understanding of the flow of MVC along with other concepts.
So jump right in to kick start your career in ASP.NET MVC or to take your career to next level!
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is willing to learn .NET MVC using C#
  • Anyone who wants to take their existing MVC skills to next level by building a complete application

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Instructor Details

Bhrugen Patel

I am a passionate and creative software engineer with a strong focus on simplicity and through details. I have been programming since high school and I have been involved with multiple web and desktop using .net.
I have a masters of science degree in computer science, and a bachelor of Computer Engineering. I also have many years of experience with .NET C# and .NET MVC. I enjoy teaching along with my full time job.
For me the most important part about writing and teaching code is to eliminate the hardships of every student out there who is willing to learn but cannot find adequate resource which is easy to understand. Coding is a way to be creative and have fun!



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He is very easy to understand, and always provides an reason to the things he does. He also does not overload you with information. Very straightforward, and easy to follow.

this guys is the worst, he does not explain anything. Save ur money and dont take this course!

This is one of the best course ever i really learnt a lot.The Instructor is knowledgeable about the mvc 5 and I also loved the implementation of partial views.Another important aspect that i've learnt in this course is "code first" approach it's fantastic and very fast to finish up a project in time.Thank you

Clear & concise explanations

Pretty Detailed ~ End Result (Real Time Experience)

The course started very well, but along the way it got too confusing, convoluted and some things where left out in the video that where different in the downloaded code.Section 6 was too long with 25 videos, it should have been divided into sections for each page to keep it more manageable.The downloaded code should have been one after each section so that the student can check the code when it gets stuck and could easily find out what was the problem.

The course is outdated. its based on Visual Studio 2017.

Nice course! Good to resharpen myself with ASP.NET MVC 5.

Algumas coisas precisam detalhar melhor

Yes . . . It was a good match . . . so far.

I wanted to learn every corner of MVC and this course seems to fulfill that. Thanks Bhrugen and Udemy.

Perfect teaching method!