Complete ASP NET MVC Web Development - Newbie to Ninja! (

Quickly Learn Web Development with ASP NET MVC and C#. From absolute basics to ninja! Learn C# and MVC like a Pro

Created by: Brett Hargreaves

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Learn Object Orientated Programming
  • Learn What MVC is and how to use it
  • Learn the patterns and techniques of experienced enterprise developers
  • Learn the patterns the tops paid developers use
  • Create cleaner code that is easier to manage and re-use
  • Write code with Less bugs - meaning you work faster and build a BETTER reputation
  • Build Code EASIER, by splitting it up in to manageable chunks
  • Make Code more FLEXIBLE, using abstraction and interfaces
  • Easily Re-Use existing code in multiple projects

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

Do you dream of becoming a professional web developer? Well this is the resource for you! Learn how to program and build robust Websites using the latest technologies with this easy-to-follow, comprehensive course.
I'll teach you step by step from the absolute basics to the more advanced patterns used by seasoned professionals. You will become an expert ASP NET MVC C# Web Developer, take your career to the next level and learn how the top developers can demand bigger salaries!
Freelance & contract developers can make upwards of $500 a day, and the demand is increasing each year. Completing this course will open your eyes to a new world of potential earnings.
Whether you are completely new to software development, or have already learnt the basics, my course will walk you through everything you need to know to become world class.
Here's what some students have been saying:
'A very good course on MVC, after taking some MVC courses here in Udemy, I subscribed this one, helps me to gain more clarity inside the MVC process'
'I now see what I've been missing! This is certainly one of the best courses I've watched/read about ASP NET!'
'I've run through a through a few tutorials and blog posts whilst learning MVC, and I never knew about the ideas discussed in this course, or thought they were beyond be ay my beginner level.'
Do you want to learn how professional developers build best in class websites using ASP NET MVC?
Senior developers can earn in excess of $100k a year- one of the key differences they demonstrate is the ability to quickly write extensible code and get involved in the architecture process. This course will teach you how enterprise class developers create 'Best in Class' software, and how these principals will help you create software easier, faster and be less prone to bugs.
I will teach you the basics of software development, move onto Object Orientated Programming (OOP) and introduce the 7 SOLID Principles and modern day patterns that adhere to them such as Dependency Injection, MVC, Abstraction and Inheritance.
Through this course you will implement:
  • An ASP NET MVC e-commerce site.
  • Object Orientated Programming (OOP)
  • Layered Architecture
  • Repository Pattern
  • Entity Framework
  • Generics
  • Dependency Injection
  • Modulular Development
  • Unit Testing
  • Partial Views
  • And more!
And of course, being part of Udemy you get:
  • FREE lifetime access to this course
  • ALL future lectures and upgrades (of which there will be many!) included for free
  • Udemy's Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee - so there's NO risk

Who this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at people wanting to learn how to program in C# to build websites. Basic programming skills (such as loops etc) are assumed but the course is comprehensive and will take your skill set from newbie to ninja!

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Instructor Details

Brett Hargreaves

Hi! I'm Brett - I've worked in IT for over 15 years as a developer and architect and I've been programming since I was 10 years old. I've worked as a freelancer and as a consultant for some of the world's largest IT providers - including Fujitsu, Cap Gemini and Capita. I have a wealth of experience that I am keen to share with new coders who have big dreams and plenty of ambition.
I've worked with a range of development tools from BASIC to PASCAL, Visual Basic, C#, Swift, Java, ASP and ASP.NET. I've built solutions with pure code, Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint - I certainly don't get bored.
I love learning new technologies, and more recently I'm enjoying sharing that knowledge through books, blogs and of course training courses. I really enjoy putting these materials together and hope that others can benefit from them in order to better themselves and become the developer they want to be.
For me learning is a lifelong pursuit - and I hope you'll join me on my journey!



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I enjoyed the course, but did find it to be very confusing in areas. There could have been a lot more explanation given while completing the project as I often felt like I was just typing what was on the screen to keep up and didn't really know the reasons behind the code...

This was a really good and thorough course. I was able to review a lot of material and expand on what I already know.

It gets tough at some points but to be fair Brett has done an amazing job in simplifying some very complex development ideas here. This is as real world development as it gets. I'd say it's a very good starting point for anyone interested in the technology

Watching code appear in an editor while someone speaks in a monotone voice about abstract concepts is incredibly boring. It makes understanding the concepts difficult and coma inducing. Maybe some diagrams, something visual that captures the concept, anything that breaks-up the tedium. The best teachers I've had understood, education is just as much entertainment as it is instruction.

This is the one of the best MVC course available in Udemy in my opinion. Now remember this is only a 15 hour course. So as a student you will have some digging to do outside the course it selfProsGood ContentWhatever is explained is explained wellEntity Framework and Microsoft UnityC# Primer and MVC PrimerGood development practicesConsYou won't get a response for your questions immediately. Some concepts aren't explained and you will have to figure it out yourself.Now some reviews have complained about the instructor's accent. I got used to it in a while. You will too. The subtitles are pretty much useless. What you won't understand the translator won't as well. This is a fun course for the price of lunch. I loved it

If you are begginner then this is Best course to start with asp MVC .. Thank you Sir for these experience..

I have had to rush through and take a lot of notes and will have to go over things again. However, the course has a lot of very good content and covers everything for someone to learn how to develop a .NET web app. However, that is the only problem - the course is quite long!!! It is a lot to consolidate and not easy to consolidate quickly

It is very good to learn through real life examples or in this case a whole eCommerce project.The lectures were informative and set in a time line that anyone can follow.Needs another section of coding with exceptions and how to deal with them.

The real word project development from this course is the most valuable thing from it, but, if you're not familiar with the OOP implementation of other programming languages besides C#, you'll have hard time to figure out what the teacher says. This course is defenetly not for beginners. The teacher doesn't explain any details of the actual code that he's writting, he is just mentioning the main functionality of the code and you will have to figure out by yourself all the (unknown for beginners) keywords that he is using and how the code does what it does. I spent a lot of time doing research about concepts he is 'explaining' and the code that he's writting, and honestly, this is exactly why i didn't went for YouTube tutorials, because they are not fully comprehensive of all the details of what actually happens behind the scenes of the code to make you understand better how the language actually operates. This course is far average. Whatever he explains here and how it is explaining it, you can easily find on YouTube better explained and detailed

The course project is very helpful because Ben demonstrates real-world development techniques you might not find in other courses, such as organizing your code into multiple project files, dependency injection, and unit tests.Other courses often have you make a single-project solution that, while ultimately showcasing the same functionality, do so in a way that skips patterns like creating services and dependency injection that doesn't prepare you as well for something you might find in a professional environment.I've taken a couple of other ASP.NET MVC courses on Udemy before this, and I feel much more confident in my abilities for professional development after this one in particular!

it would be great if you could add some kind of an index eg. list of all key term and courses (min.sec) in which they have occurred

After completing the course this is what I have to say about this course:The pronunciation of the instructor is not understandable sometimes. Also, the voice of the instructor is so low in the videos.English subtitles are not in sync with what the instructor is saying. The instructor says something else and subtitles are something different.Some of the terms and topics are not well explained. You have to go through some other resources on the net to learn those things.I think the connectivity from instructor to its audience is missing at some point.Coding standards should be followed if you are targeting a large audience. I.e. MyClass, MyObject, MyLibrary names were used instead of this instructor could have used some meaningful names.There is no exercise after each section to test your knowledge that whether you have understood the concepts completely or not. It would be great if the course had challenges section also.Best practices are not followed. On the registration page, you can at least change the FirstName or LastName like labels using Display attribute. Yes, it was covered in the beginning but if we are building the real-world application then you must follow these rules also so the student can follow it.How identity works internally is not explained. Yeah I know its a very vast topic but you can at least give some basic information for that. I had to learn those parts from other MVC course on Udemy.And last but not the least, how can someone be Newbie to Ninja in Asp.Net MVC without learning Web API?Though, it was good building the E-Commerce application.Thanks.