Create an ASP .NET MVC Application in an Hour (

Learn how to quickly build an an ASP .NET application with the latest tools from Microsoft and deploy to the cloud.

Created by: Destin Learning

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Quicky construct an ASP .NET MVC program using Visual Studio
  • Understand how to build a user interface with scaffolding

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

In this class I will show you how to build a complete program using ASP .NET MVC in less than one hour using the latest tools from Microsoft. Our sample program will be a web based "to do" list that we will build with ASP .NET MCV 5 and the Entity Framework. First I will show you how to quickly build a database for our sample program using SQL Server Express 2014. Next I will show you how to utilize tools from within Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition (Free Download) to quickly build a fully functioning program. I will also show you how you can then customize this code to meet more demanding requirements.
Following this I will show you how to deploy your code to Amazon AWS free tier so your code will be running in the cloud. By the end of this class you will be able to quickly develop database drive ASP .NET applications and deploy them to the cloud.Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in using the latest tools to build an ASP .NET MVC web site

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Destin Learning

Destin Learning was founded on the principle that everyone can learn and should be able to learn at their own pace. We believe learning should not be constrained by time and location.
We strive to provide the best possible methods to teach what we have learned in our years of experience in the field. The format of our teaching may not be mainstream but our methods, techniques and content are industry proven.
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I learn the working with database and promote to the cloud. It is very good knowledge. Thanks a lot.

The video and voice are not in sync and he's going to fast. He doesn't really explain alternative options.

By Tom on

He not showing everything to make thrue the course.

So far it is a good match, as I am seek an easy method to successfully deploy a solution I created in Visual Studio 2017 and was frustrated trying to go it alone with my current host that can't provide much support and guidance in using their site

Ordered and clear exposition. A weird un-sync between audio and video, though.

The course was good but the resources files were not provided and the audio was faster than the video image

This was a very good intro course which is exactly what I was looking for. Maybe for a future edition of the course it could include a section on deploying to Azure.

Liked this course. Found myself constantly in amazement at how fast this class moved forward. 5 minutes to design & create the database, 5 minutes for user interface,........ But then it's an hour for the entire deal. Any more depth, any more explanation and the timeframe is shot. But still found myself asking why without any answers. Had gone years userstanding to never use sa for a login, and here it is. I don't even know what scaffolding is. Also within the summary the big feature is separation of model, view, and controller. Yet I saw nothing of that in the class.But I got out enough to rate it a perfectly acceptable class.

I will have given you 5 starts for your voice quality, the way you talk and explain the concepts. You have definitely the skills of an awesome instructor.I gave you 2.5 stars for not warning the student ahead that this course was more like an advertisement for Amazon's cloud services.Send me a note if you ever decide to make a course in any of these subjects:ASP.Net Core |SignalR |Entity Framework |Fluent API |IOT with Visual Studio |C# 6.0 Advance Concepts |Build a complete App in CSharp |ASP.Net MVC |SignalR real time Data Acquisition with C# and Visual Studio 2015 (In order to avoid having or buying actual hardware sensors you could simulate the data coming from Excel in a DDE link. |Thanks

I. Like this course and being a noob toob mvc this quick intro was very helpful.However if youre just learning to program you may want to wait for more experience. Any mid to sr engineer who wants a quick guide will find this course very useful.

The main objective of the course is attended. Maybe more MVC code scope than Amazon things and too many builds would be really a significant plus. Anyway, it's totally recommended for basic approach.

This is 1 of best courses i've ever seen on