Create your DCP for free (Film Festivals & Cinema screening) (

Learn how to make a DCP to submit your film to film festivals and screen your film in Cinemas

Created by: Film Pro

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • How to make a DCP for free, that will play in any Cinema projector in the world

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Course Description

You want to submit your film or documentary to film festivals
You want your film to be screened in Cinemas
Then you need a DCP (Digital Cinema Package)
Welcome, in this course you will learn:
- What is a DCP?
- Why you need it?
- How to export your film from Davinci and Adobe Premiere or any other Editing software
- How to make a DCP for free in DCPoMatic
- How to test your DCP for free using the same software that cinemas use for projecting films
- And a lot of tips and hints to make sure your DCP plays in any Cinema projector in the WorldWho this course is for:
  • Filmmakers
  • Anyone who wants to screen his/her film in a Cinema
  • Anyone who wants to submit films or documentaries to Film festivals

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Instructor Details

Film Pro

Independent Film Producer, Director and Screenwriter with heavy VFX focus.
I have worked on 20 films projects in several countries (UK, France, Holland, Poland, Turkey...)
Studied at the National Film & Television School in the UK as well as the London Film School and London Film Academy.
I have shot films both on location and on Set in TV Studio. On location includes public places and private property, hospitals, schools, houses, restaurants, hotels, Airports... used props like machine guns, SWAT and Police uniforms...



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Good course although the part of the DCP players is disappointing as it is really a half baked solution. In this time DCP-o-matic has created a free player so it would be great that this option would be also included in the chapters of players to a more robust solution to the trials.Also a subtitle workflow would have been interesting to see as with most short films shot outside the english language regions those are a must.

I learned a ton of excellent information in this course, it helped me to understand the technical formats required in order to get films properly prepared for cinema screening. Also, provided me the right information in order to educate others.