Customer Experience Management (CX): MASTERCLASS 2022 (

#1 Customer Experience Management Course. Discover The Art Of A Client-Centric Culture. Customer Journey. B2B. B2C.

Created by: Manos Filippou

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • This course shares REAL LIFE STRATEGIES that will inspire you to BUILD FANTASTIC CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES, and focus on where it really matters!
  • Designed by a very experienced client services executive, who knows firsthand how to successfully manage clients and their journey.
  • Discover the Top 10 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX) STRATEGIES that you need to focus in 2019.
  • Enroll in this course and learn why it is crucial for your business to design a CLIENT-CENTRIC CULTURE.
  • Find out who is YOUR MOST IMPORTANT CLIENT ... it is NOT who you think!
  • Learn the BEST STRATEGIES to manage a client service department...because it DOES matter!
  • INSIGHTS AND REAL LIFE EXAMPLES from running an extremely successful client services department.
  • A wealth of RESOURCES to help you when you design the client journey.

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Overall Score : 78 / 100

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Course Description

75 billion dollars a year up for grabs
Do you know that companies lose more than 75 billion dollars every year as a result of bad customer service? Customers switch from brand to brand and the companies who manage to build a loyal clientele will have a significant advantage.
The opportunity is there. Are you ready to grab it?
This course is designed by a very experienced client services executive who knows firsthand how to successfully manage clients and tactfully build their journey.
Based on real life experiences, this course helps you focus on where it really matters as it is not always what you may think.
Enroll in this course and discover the art of a client-centric culture, find out what the top 10 customer experience (cx) strategies for 2019 are, and get inspired to build outstanding client experiences! Who this course is for:
  • CEOs, client and sales executives, client success professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who truly cares for clients and want to build outstanding client experiences.

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Instructor Details

Manos Filippou

Manos is the published author of the book "Supercharge Your Motivation and Performance", a motivational coach, and an entrepreneur.
He strives for excellence, and everything he does is based on his values: integrity, honesty, passion, dedication, loyalty, and accountability. He believes that always adding value, and enriching other people's lives is the only way to find personal, and professional happiness and fulfillment.
George is a retired English gentleman that shares his wisdom, and life experiences. While officially retired, he regularly helps Manos with his coaching and other business endeavors.



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O contedo bom.Somente leitura do texto sobre o assunto, n�o houve explicaes adicionais. O que faz com que o curso fique cansativo.Poderia postar os slides, ou pdf do texto.Depende totalmente do entendimento do aluno.

A very captivating course! I will remember Three things, 1 the knowledge of Manos, the instructor, 2 The ease with which he teaches, 3 The vast amount of knowledge I gained. Fantastic course!

The further I get into this course, (now at 70%) the more sense it makes! I am really glad that I took this.

Anyone in CX should be taking this course - they WILL gain from it and their customer contacts will be much better.

Lots of great things to remember! So glad that it is all down in text for me to refer back to. Good job Manos!

I did enjoy the content from the course, I do enjoy some practical sections but i guess it just becomes a good informative 2 hours

The format of the course is very monotonous, very hard to keep the concentration, with Manos just reading slides. The first part of the course is very basic, however, it turns more and more interesting at the end. It is possible that it is my fault as I should have chosen a more advanced course.

This is for people with no background in customer experience, and would be a good primer. This would also be a good set of guidelines for business owners. However, the instructor's thick accent make the delivery really off. I would not recommend this course to CX professionals

It was expected to have some real life examples. But the lectures only had theoretical contents.Also the pdf download of presentation was not available.

This is course is meant for people without any experience in CX. Slides could be made available for download.

For translating this comment, use google translator from portuguese to inglish. Just know its not worth your money! Worst course that i ever bought on udemy platform.Difcil entender o que est sendo falado, o sotaque e pronncia do professor do curso s�o pssimos! Tive que colocar no mudo! N�o perdi nenhum conteudo fazendo isso, j que o professor est 100 por cento do tempo lendo o texto que est disponvel nos slides. Alm disso, o curso na verdade nem pode ser chamado de curso. MUITO bsico e focado em vendas, n�o em costumer experience. Todo o contedo do curso foi retirado de sites na internet que apenas sitam o assunto e n�o se aprofundam! Parece que ele copiou e colou da wikipdia. N�o foi apresentado nenhum case de sucesso ou solues criativas e inteligentes. Queria mesmo era meu dinheiro de volta! Absurdo! Pior curso que j fiz na udemy.

This is a good course for beginners, since it's full of concepts related to customer services and experiences. I would like to see more concrete examples. Besides, the fact that the instructor is reading a PDF the whole course makes it really painful to keep going on.