Data Warehouse Concepts, Design, and Data Integration

Evaluate business needs, design a data warehouse, and integrate and visualize data using dashboards and visual analytics.This Specialization covers data architecture skills that are increasingly critical across a broad range of technology fields. You'll learn the basics of structured data modeling, gain practical SQL coding experience, and develop an in-depth understanding of data warehouse design and data manipulation. You'll have the opportunity to work with large data sets in a data warehouse environment to create dashboards and Visual Analytics. You will use of MicroStrategy, a leading BI

Created by: Michael Mannino

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Course Description

This is the second course in the Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence specialization. Ideally, the courses should be taken in sequence.In this course, you will learn exciting concepts and skills for designing data warehouses and creating data integration workflows. These are fundamental skills for data warehouse developers and administrators. You will have hands-on experience for data warehouse design and use open source products for manipulating pivot tables and creating data integration workflows.You will also gain conceptual background about maturity models, architectures, multidimensional models, and management practices, providing an organizational perspective about data warehouse development. If you are currently a business or information technology professional and want to become a data warehouse designer or administrator, this course will give you the knowledge and skills to do that. By the end of the course, you will have the design experience, software background, and organizational context that prepares you to succeed with data warehouse development projects. In this course, you will create data warehouse designs and data integration workflows that satisfy the business intelligence needs of organizations. When you're done with this course, you'll be able to:* Evaluate an organization for data warehouse maturity and business architecture alignment;* Create a data warehouse design and reflect on alternative design methodologies and design goals;* Create data integration workflows using prominent open source software;* Reflect on the role of change data, refresh constraints, refresh frequency trade-offs, and data quality goals in data integration process design; and* Perform operations on pivot tables to satisfy typical business analysis requests using prominent open source software

Instructor Details

Michael Mannino

My involvement with database technology and education spans more than 35 years in academic positions, research, and consulting. I have been a faculty member at the University of Florida, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Washington before joining the Business School at the University of Colorado Denver. My work in this specialization is a culmination of teaching data warehouse development for 15 years along with writing a supporting textbook and conducting research projects. In my teaching, It is my pleasure and privilege to share my excitement and extensive background to help you embark on an adventure towards a rewarding and challenging career as a data warehouse or business intelligence professional.



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By Nils K on 16-Nov-17

The torture of having to identify which of the many combinations of Pentaho, Java and some freeware plugin actually works in the end has completely ruined this experience. I don't care if SOMEWHERE in the notes there is info I should install Version instead of 5.0.whatever, this is just plain laziness in the course design by picking software which might have worked in the past and then not updating the instructions while pocketing the student's money for years to come. I have about had it with spending my nights installing and re-installing this junk of software nobody uses anyways in a real business setting only to advance in this class.

By Sherri J on 13-Apr-17

I enjoyed learning this material and found that the Pentaho Kettle hands-on experience was a nice additional to skill set that I can provide my clients.

By Esteban R on 1-Oct-19

good material but should update some videos since program versions have changed.

By on 10-Nov-18

The quality of assignments is awful

By Rochelle H on 20-Aug-17

No guidance from instructors, and the assignments have nothing to do with the lectures. If I could get a refund, I would quit and get my money back. Not worth the frustration.

By Sebastian G on 2-Jan-17

Personally I don't recommend this course. I really need to learn data warehousing for my job and I have no problem with learning by doing. This course gave me basics, but the learning was very stiff. I think it's just to theoretical here.

By sujay b s on 18-Jan-18

Pentaho does not work, hence I was not able to complete week 2 assignment and the course.

By Deleted A on 30-Nov-18

I just re-reviewed the 1 week and will re-review it within the day, prior to taking the exam. overall the presentor is very capable and has mastery of the subject which is very very good. I love this course and i hope I could have this re-reviewed once I get to have the paid subscription.

By Maneesha R on 18-Dec-18

very good

By MOHIT K J on 11-Jan-19

Extremely helpful course to learn regarding Data warehouse concepts

By Ashish G on 3-Jan-19

good course

By on 24-Feb-19

Great lecture for DW/BI