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It is a great curse to learn the basic topics about Calculus, but it really is an introduction. The exercises aren't dificult, so I can't deep into this topics. Even though, the way it pretend to introduce the topics was great; I like it so much.
- Review by Ana T

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David Easdown is an Associate Professor of Mathematics in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Science. He is actively interested in developing courses in undergraduate mathematics education across all years and levels, and most recently at the interface between secondary and tertiary education. He is also an active supervisor of honours and postgraduate students across a range of topics in pure mathematics and mathematics education. David's main research interests are in algebra and mathematics education. His most recent algebra research focuses on permutation group theory and combinatorial semigroup theory. His most recent research in mathematics education explores applications of the theory of threshold concepts and the SOLO taxonomy to the design and implementation of novel methods in assessment. David has published widely and his textbook, A First Course in Linear Algebra, available through Pearson Education Australia, is used by students in Australia and overseas.

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