Instructor Denis Panjuta

Denis Panjuta

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

Hi. I'm Denis. I have a degree in engineering from the University for Applied Science Konstanz in Germany and discovered my love for programming there.
Currently over 100,000 students learn from my courses. This gives me a lot of energy to create new courses with the highest quality possible. My goal is to make learning to code accessible for everyone, as I am convinced, that IT is THE FUTURE!
So join my courses and learn to create apps, games, websites or any other type of application. The possibilities are limitless.

Hi. Ich bin Denis. Ich habe einen Bachelor in Wirtschaftsingenieurswesen der HTWG Konstanz und habe dort meine Begeisterung fur's Programmieren entdeckt.

Zur Zeit lernen bereits uber 100.000 Studenten von meinen Kursen. Dies gibt mir extrem viel Motivation und Energie noch mehr und bessere Kurse zu erstellen. Mein Ziel ist es, das Programmierenlernen so zugAnglich wie mglich zu machen, denn ich bin uberzeugt, IT ist DIE ZUKUNFT!

Also tritt meinen Kursen bei und lerne wie man Webseiten, Apps, Spiele oder andere Programme entwickelt. Die Mglichkeiten sind grenzenlos.Tutorials eu is based in germany and creates high quality online courses about programming.

Trust over 70.000 registered students and start your new career now!

Do you have any questions about our classes or are you missing a course or a topic? Then write us a message with your suggestions.

Have fun with our courses! :-)

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