Design professional patterns in 10 minutes! (

The easiest and spectacular way to make patterns and and sell them online. (Affinity Designer templates included)

Created by: Mugur Neacsu

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Easy way to make and sell a pattern design for t-shirt, sneakers, mugs or any object you like.

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Course Description

Designing patterns to customize your t-shirt or sneakers or pillow or curtain, is now a simple game.
And selling those patterns is only few clicks away.
Within five minutes after you join this course, you will be able to make spectacular patterns in a funny and quick manner, then simulate them on a real product and start selling the design.
In this course you will learn how to use several pattern templates that include different built in symmetries for amazing instant result.

Here comes the big thing: those templates will instantly generate endless patterns due to some basic modifiers you apply.
The instant output is endless versions of the same symmetry type.

Next step is about how to use those patterns to generate some income for you, by selling them online or make super cool products on print on demand websites.

One chapter will teach you how to give life to patterns by instantly simulate them on t-shirts, sneakers, pillow covers, curtains or else you like, still being able to modify them on instant so you have a final look result.

When you are happy with the result, you will learn how to prepare the files with proper requirements for print on demand, and create your store and design collections.

The best part of print on demand platforms, is, that the same pattern can be simulated on mugs, hats, t-shirts, smartphone covers, pillow covers, sneakers, so you can make a full collection of objects with the same design.

You will be able to make at least hundred of patterns by day and post them online. Or more if you spend more time making them.
And all those, by just playing inside Affinity Designer.

A classic method of making patterns, and most conventional tutorials online cover this, is to create one tile, then multiply the tile and make a full pattern form it.
This is static. You see the result at the end, after you place all tiles.

We have a nonconventional method.
We make it funny and we just play around by creating one template to generate a particular pattern by using a particular symmetry method.
Then we modify the pattern so you will be instantly amazed on how moving just one point of one shape will generate immediate changes of your pattern.
All those new pattern are instant generated.

Only after this, after you have fun, we go back and explain each step of what we have done.
We think this is the best learning: Just play, do it, like it, and after, learn to do it again and make it better.

By taking the steps again and explain them, you will learn and understand the principle behind each type of symmetry and you will become a skilled pattern designer.
Target audience:
For those who like to make things by playing and having fun.
Those who wants o sell their pattern design online.
The ones that like to spend time with their children and make together something cool.
For you if you look for a relaxation time and a possible passive income.
All above will be amazed by this. We promise!

Course structure:


Section 1 - Introduction
1. Five easy steps to create a rotational pattern and have it printed or sell it.
2. Overview of this course and structure.
Section 2 - Setting up what you need to make infinite number of rotational patterns.
3. Setting up Affinity Designer
4. Get your BONUS! Download resource files for your course. see section 9.

Section 3 - Pinwheel symmetry.
5. Overview of section 3.
6. Open pinwheel pattern template, modify shapes and generate patterns.
7. Draft, quick simulation of pinwheel pattern on real products (Zazzle simulator)

Section 4 - Pinwheel symmetry exploration - Shape modifiers.8. Node types: Straight, Smooth, Smart.
9. Moving nodes, snapping options.
10. Node handlers.
11. Add and delete nodes to the shape.
12. Shape colour and transparency, layer filters.
13. Shape outline.
14. Other shape modifiers: Move, Rotate, Flip, Scale.
15. Summary of section 4.

Section 5 - Half turn rotation symmetry.
16. Open half turn pattern template, modify shapes and generate patterns.
17. Quick simulation of half turn pattern on real products

Section 6 - Translation symmetry. Seamless pattern generator.
18. Open translation pattern template, modify shapes and generate patterns.
19. Quick simulation of translation pattern on real products

Section 7 - Make your own pattern templates. Understand symmetry principle.
20. Translation pattern template.
21. Half turn rotation pattern template.
22. Pinwheel pattern template.

Section 8 - Preparation for print and sale.
23. Final simulation of pattern, proper image export format and size, requirements for best production (print).
24. Pattern export templates for different products.
25. Dynamic pattern simulator on top of product pictures.

Section 9 - BONUS
26. Additional resource files for this course: 16 downloadable templates for you to use during this course and some surprise templates.Who this course is for:
  • Creative people, future pattern designers with no prior knowldege.

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Instructor Details

Mugur Neacsu

My name is Mugur, I am 44, father of two, living in Bucharest, Romania. Working as Consultant in my own company as Visual Merchandiser Specialist. I have graduated the Fine Art Academy licensed in Decorative Arts. I am very much into visual design, passioned about pattern design and visual language. Currently working with several softwares such as Affiniy Designer, Autocad, Hype3.



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Soothing, upbeat voice giving clear direction. Loving the advanced techniques using symmetry and symbols.

So far.. very clear and thorough explainations. Fun to make too.

Wonderful course. Would have liked to see more explanation of the way each of the modifications of the symbol would create the final tiled effect. Will have to do that on my own. Would love to have seen the future patterns, but thank you loads for including the template files of them...very unique course! WOW. Will be using this for gifts, but will also be playing with subtle 2 color designs to use as web design elements. That's why I'd have liked more theory/explanation of how moving the symbol elements creates the final design---right now its simply random trial and error.

Clear easy to follow instructions. Templates provided but you are also taught how to build them yourself, this allows students to decide how far in they want to delve. Information is provided to guide those interested in selling their designs online. The narration is a little stiff/robotic but clear and mostly to the point.

Great Course in how to do pattern design within affinity designer.. cant wait to see the next expanded series of this course..

Very well presented and educational. :)

This course is probably my favorite so far on Udemy both because the instructor is fun to learn with, and it makes it so easy to create really cool patterns in Affinity Designer, which is something I was having trouble with. Good stuff!

wonderful course love Affinity Designer thank you

Excellent course! Very easy to follow and a lot of fun to practice! Thanks a lot!

Sim, era e melhor at.

I really enjoyed this training.This is exactly what I was looking for and the trainer has an excellent pedagogy that allows you to learn quickly and efficiently. I recommend the course. Thank you very much.