Instructor Engineer Spock

Web Developer, Designer, and Teacher

I'm thankful enough for that I love what I do.
I began my career as a postgraduate student participating in Microsoft ImagineCup contest.
I've been working with .NET platform since 2003. I've been professionally architecting and implementing software for nearly 7 years, primarily based on .NET platform. I'm passionate about building rich and powerful applications using modern technologies. I'm a certified specialist in Windows Applications and Service Communication Applications by Microsoft. I'm one of the coordinators of the MSK.NET User Group in Moscow.
"If it's work, we try to do less. If it's art, we try to do more." - Seth Godin.
What I can say is that software is my art.

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Excellent course!!The instructor is very knowledgeable about C# programming and is able to explain how the concepts maybe presented in a interview question and answer situation.The presentation is very detailed, yet concise which is greatly appreciated on a topic which could lend a instructor to be to overly verbose and euphemistic (indirect).I feel ready to implement the knowledge, techniques and practices presented to better prepare for and perform in, programming interviews.
- Review by Joseph Cox

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