Excel Exposure - Free

This free online training course aims to help Excel users expand their knowledge of the program and improve the range of functions they can employ. The entire course is comprised of more than 30 lessons that range from beginner to expert uses. Lessons come in video and text format and provide a comprehensive look at almost everything Excel can do.

Created by: Ben Currier

Produced in 2011

What you will learn

  • Excel for beginners: basic formatting, statistical functions, text functions, grouping and cell management.
  • Data validation
  • Pivot Tables
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Logical functions
  • Absolute and relative cell referencing
  • Information functions
  • Macros

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Improve Excel Skills with Free Online Training Course!Since the Excel Course Lesson Plan on the home page has the videos grouped into categories rather than complexity, I thought it would be important to provide a recommended Lesson Guide for watching the videos and tutorials. I've tried to group them into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (based on complexity). More importantly, they are ordered in the way that I feel would be most effective for learning Excel.If you plan on going through the entire course, I would recommend watching them in this order. All lessons are video tutorials unless specified, with the total video time next to each link.



    • More than four hours of video lessons provide a deep look at exactly how to utilize each function and feature covered.
    • While videos are pre-recorded, the design of the lessons aims to be interactive. You can learn from doing while following along with the lesson.
    • The program is free with additional resources available behind a paywall.
    • Curriculum was originally designed with Excel 2013. Not every lesson has been completely recrafted for the latest version of the software.
    • Fully updated lessons sit behind a paywall; only the older modules are completely free.
    • Lessons do not include direct interaction with an instructor.

Instructor Details

Ben Currier

Ben has spent the last 12 years working in Finance & Accounting in many industries spanning video games, healthcare, real estate, and diamond jewelry, among others! In that time, he's seen how so many businesses can benefit from a knowledgeable Excel guru. Working on improving your Excel skills will help you save time, reduce errors, and get the most out of your financial reporting & analysis. Ben is based in Littleton, Colorado. In addition to Excel Exposure's online video lessons, he also offers Business & Finance Training workshops of varying length for online and/or on-site employee training.



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By Joy on 11/28/2014

The lessons are very very helpful and easy to understand and they have helped me a lot in learning complex things.

By Tudor Williams on 4/1/2017

Of all the help sites I have ever seen this The Best. After using vba for a number of years, having started with VB6 I thought I was pretty familiar with the subject, I only wwish I had found this site earlier and saved myself a lot of head scratching.

By Frank on 6/19/2017

This is absolutely incredible, each day is a learning day. Thank you

By HP on 7/29/2018

Absolutely amazing. Ive looked at other online videos on Pivotal Tables and came away more confused than before I started. You made it easy and understandable.

By Jim Buss on 1/3/2019

The videos are clear and easy to understand. I now have my daughter who wants to work through them as well. The advice and help you gave me directly about comparing large spreadsheets was awesome. I am now a huge fan of V lookup and SUBTOTAL.

By Vivek on 11/19/2017

U may b well aware how excel holds an important position of any ones job. and this is a great place to work and improve on it.

By Sheila Williams on 4/27/2017

I am still going through the course for the first time. Highly recommend this course to anyone!!

By Zahid Sheikh on 2/4/2013

In fact, I recently bought a course on MS Excel, but the quality of this course is way higher than paid course both in terms of quality of content, presentation, and organisation. It is indeed an excellent resource.

By Naveen on 3/3/2013

These lessons are brilliant. Nice to have them organised in terms of difficulty progressively getting more advanced. Very useful reference also when I need a quick tip on a formula or a technique i have forgotten about.

By Alexandra Gampel on 2/23/2016

Your lessons were very helpful, from the beginner to the advanced. Even if I knew the topic beforehand, every lesson had a new helpful trick to enhance my skillset. Practice exercises would definitely be an added bonus.

By Jess Radel on 4/5/2017

This is great! Im currently in between jobs and have been looking for something to brush up on my administration skills. The downloadable workbook is fantastic.

By Meenah on 8/22/2018

Incredible tutorial. Thank you very much for making this a free body of knowledge I will be donating money as I feel it is worth every penny.