Excel PRO TIPS: 75+ Tips to go from Excel Beginner to Pro (Udemy.com)

Excel tips & hands-on demos to become an Excel POWER USER. Learn Excel formulas, pivot tables, charts, analytics & more!

Created by: Maven Analytics

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Build tools to help you automate, streamline, and absolutely revolutionize your workflow with Excel
  • Explore 75+ unique tips, tools and case studies that you won't find in ANY other Excel course, guaranteed
  • Get LIFETIME access to resources, Excel project files, quizzes, and 1-on-1 expert support
  • Master Excel's powerful data analysis tools like Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Solver, and Analysis ToolPak
  • Practice with fun, interactive, and highly effective lessons from a best-selling Excel instructor
  • Become an absolute Excel POWER USER

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Course Description

See why this is one of the TOP-RATED Excel courses on Udemy:
"At first I just said to myself, "Wow, Excel is capable of that? It's amazing!" Then as I continued through the course I told myself "This guy is doing magic!", and now I feel like I'm capable of doing the same. I'm definitely buying his other Excel courses!"
- Judit Bekker
"One of the very best Excel classes I've taken - great instructor, awesome production, very comprehensive and exceptionally useful. Well worth your time if you want to become an Excel pro!"
- Ernie Atkins
"I've been using Excel for over 20 years and consider myself to be an Excel "power user". As with every single course by Chris, I go in with pretty solid knowledge of the material (formulas, VBA, Power Query, etc) and walk out twice as powerful as I walked in. This course is no different -- I PROMISE you, you will find absolute gems in this course. You will never regret an investment in your future with Maven Analytics!"
-Ryan Hughes
This course is NOT an introduction to Excel.
It's not about comprehensive, 101-style deep dives into Excel's core capabilities, or about showing off cheesy, impractical Excel "hacks". It's about featuring some of the most powerful and effective tools and techniques used by Excel professionals, and sharing them through crystal clear demos and unique, real-world case studies.
Unlike most Excel courses, this one is non-linear and constantly evolving. This means that you can jump to different sections or individual lectures freely, and explore brand new Excel tips added on a regular basis. Each video is designed to be an independent and self-contained Excel demo, to help you learn these tools and techniques in quick, bite-sized lessons.
The best part? I'm including a downloadable Excel workbook and solution file containing every single Excel demo and dataset covered in the course -- ranked by difficulty (1-5 stars), organized by category, and hyperlinked for quick and easy access.
The Excel tips and techniques covered in this course fall into six categories:
  • Excel Productivity Tips (navigation, flash fill, cell protection, advanced sorting & filtering, etc.)
  • Excel Formatting Tips (freeze panes, row/column grouping, advanced custom formats, etc.)
  • Excel Formula Tips (formula auditing tools, fuzzy lookups, detecting duplicates, randomization, etc.)
  • Excel Visualization Tips (sparklines, filled maps, custom templates, Excel form controls, etc.)
  • Excel Pivot Table Tips (slicers & timelines, custom layouts, value calculations, etc.)
  • Excel Analytics Tips (outlier detection, monte carlo simulation, forecasting, CUBE functions, etc.)
While the level of difficulty varies considerably, the Excel demos generally start simple and become progressively more complex within each section. There are no strict prerequisites for this course, but keep in mind that some demos may be challenging without a strong foundational knowledge of the underlying Excel concepts (like Excel Pivot Tables or formulas, for example).
Students who have completed the full Maven Analytics Excel stack will be well-positioned to maximize the value from this course:
  • Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions
  • Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs
  • Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Excel Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX
It's time to start working smarter, not harder. If you're looking to maximize your efficiency, supercharge your productivity, and become an absolute Excel POWER USER, this is the course for you.
See you in there!
-Chris (Founder, Excel Maven & Maven Analytics)
NOTE: Most Excel demos are compatible with Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019 or Office 365 (some may be unavailable in Excel for Mac or Excel Online)
P.S. Looking to master the full Microsoft Excel, Power BI + SQL stack? Search for "Maven Analytics" and complete the courses below to become a business intelligence ROCKSTAR:
  1. Excel Pro Tips for Power Users
  2. Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions
  3. Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs
  4. Data Analysis with Excel PivotTables
  5. Excel Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX
  6. Up & Running with Power BI Desktop
  7. Publishing to Power BI Service
  8. SQL Database Analysis for Beginners
  9. Advanced MySQL for Analytics & Business Intelligence
*** LIFETIME access includes Excel Pro Tip PDF eBook, Excel project files, 1-on-1 expert support, and a 100% guarantee ***Who this course is for:
  • Excel users looking to level-up and master the same tools and techniques used by Excel MVPs
  • Anyone hoping to maximize productivity, work more efficiently, and take their career to a new level
  • Students looking for an engaging, hands-on, and highly interactive approach to Excel training
  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence
  • This course is NOT recommended for absolute beginners (some prior experience with Excel is encouraged)

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Maven Analytics

Maven Analytics transforms everyday people into data rockstars by streamlining, simplifying, and personalizing the online learning experience.
Since 2014 we've helped students and teams across 190 countries develop the most sought-after analytics skills, through on-demand courses, personalized skills assessments, curated learning paths, and enterprise training.
Learning new skills shouldn't be complicated. Think of Maven as your personal team of instructors, experts, mentors and guides, helping you navigate the learning process and develop the skills you need, on-demand.Chris Dutton is a professional BI developer, certified Microsoft expert, and best-selling Udemy instructor with more than a decade of experience specializing in business intelligence, marketing analytics and data visualization.
He founded Excel Maven and Maven Analytics in 2014 to provide high-quality, applied analytics training and consulting to clients around the world, and now mentors 100,000+ students in more than 185 countries. He has developed award-winning data analytics and visualization tools, which have been featured by Microsoft, the New York Times, and the Society of American Baseball Research.
Current Udemy courses include:
- Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions (English & Spanish)
- Data Visualizat



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By Dan Harris on a month ago

Really valuable course and will be referring back to bits over time, but I think most of it sunk in! I've been using excel for analysis for some time, but never had any formal training, so I already knew a few bits on this course but it was good to learn more in depth and alternative formulas/functions and I've already seen some massive improvements in the work I produce. Thanks Chris, you really helped up my game!

By Mirzet Velagic on 2 months ago

This was actually last Course that I took from Chris! All others were done before.I left it as last..and it payed itself. There are several new things that I never used, or didnt see a purpose of them, but this course gave overview of lots of things inside Excel. Generally speaking, this course should be taken if you started with Excel, at least a bit more than basics that you got. So you can get a feeling what is actually inside it and what are the capabilities of Excel. Then, furthermore, if got interest you can always take another courses of from Chris, which are in my opinion amazing.Recommendation!!!Thank you Chris, looking forward to some new stuff from you!Greets!Mirzet

By Sze Wing on 3 months ago

Some tips have been mentioned in other courses but overall most of them are useful. The Monte Carlo Stimulation example is interesting. Hope to see more courses very soon!

By Olivera Miocinovic on 9 months ago

Dear Chris,Thank YOU for such an outstanding opportunity for learning this course.Before, I had only basics about Excel.Honestly, sometimes I had a headache, but after capturing an idea I felt great.This is so, so good structured course. The units are excellent.And now - show time - Let's repeat it again!Thank you, Chris andBest regards,Olivera

By Trang Thuy Le on 2 months ago

Very helpful course for me :) I think all of these tips will be used frequently in our daily working, however the three final tips of analysis are quite more difficult than others. But still fantastic!

By Darryl Morgan on 2 months ago

Even though i am fairly new to Excel i found this course both enjoyable and educational it certainly got my brain working.Thanks to Chris i now have a better insight into what is capable in Excel and will be furthering my knowledge with more of his courses.Anyone seeking to learn Excel should definitely check this course out!Thanks Chris

By Alan McCartin on 2 months ago

Brilliantly presented course that covers all the essentials required for a well-rounded real world Excel user. And a great refresher for ongoing use. All of Chris's courses are exceptional. But put this one on the top of your to-do list.

By Phil Smith on 2 months ago

Awesome course, great examples all of which are very well explained and the downloadable examples spreadsheet adds value. I've learnt loads even though I thought I knew a lot already.

By Matthew Ratcliffe on 3 months ago

Another excellent course by Chris. I've been using Excel for years but this course was still full of tips that I didn't know and will be able to use in my day job. Worth the price I paid for ;;; alone! ;-)

By Prakhar Prasad on 2 months ago

Great tips but if you have already taken the other excel courses then perhaps this is just a quick brush up of all the pro tips you gathered on the way during the previous courses.

By Geoff Taylor on 2 months ago

This was an easy to follow course containing so many useful tips and tricks to make my life so much easier. I would highly recommend this course.

By Bryce Bartholomew on 5 months ago

This course had a lot of helpful tips that I now utilize in my day to day activities. It was fun to learn about some capabilities of excel that I didn't even know existed.