Excel with Top Microsoft Excel Hacks (Udemy.com)

Learn these Hidden Excel Gems to Become an Excel Master

Created by: Kyle Pew

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Learn Excel Shortcuts to Save Time and Become More Productive Managing Your Excel Workbooks
  • Uncover Lesser Known Excel Shortcuts and Tools Cutting back on Wasted Time Doing Tasks the Long Way
  • Customize Your Microsoft Excel Experience Adding to Your Overall Productiviy
  • Wow Your Boss and CoWorkers with Lesser Known Excel Features

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Course Description

Unleash the Full Power of Microsoft Excel
Wow! How did you do that? This is something you're going to hear over and over again from your boss and co-workers as you apply the features you'll master as you participate in this course.
Microsoft Excel users use only a small percentage of what the application is really capable of. But, hidden within Excel are loads of lesser known Excel Productivity Hacks that will make your Excel experience more efficient and fun. I've been teaching Microsoft Excel since the '97 version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Join me in this course and I will share with you some of the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way as I have helped others become Excel Guru's.
I have kept each video lecture short and to the point, about 2-3 minutes each. I created this course back in Feb. 2016. Over the next several months I have updated the course with more quick tips on working with Excel. Keep an eye on the course as I will continue to add more Excel hacks throughout the lifetime of the course. The course is recorded using Excel 2016, but Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 will work in order to follow along.
Towards the beginning of the video lectures is an exercise file that you can download and use to practice the concepts taught during each video lecture. Also, jump into the course discussion board and participate by asking questions or commenting on how awesome this course is. I will also be participating in the discussion board offering more Excel resources and answering any questions you may have.
Enroll now and start learning the secrets of Microsoft Excel and begin to WOW your boss and co-workers today.Who this course is for:
  • This Microsoft Excel Hacks course was created for anyone looking to learn how to become more productive working with Microsoft Excel

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Instructor Details

Kyle Pew

Kyle is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor and has been teaching and consulting for the past 10+ years on various computer applications, including;
Microsoft Office Suite 1997, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Visio
SharePoint End-User 2007, 2010, 2013
VBA (Excel and Access)
Adobe SuitePhotoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
Maya (Modeling and Animation)
Unity3d (Game Design)
HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Crystal Reports
Kyle is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute in the Media Arts and Animation Program. He has worked as a Game Designer for Electronic Arts, designing on games such as Nerf N-Strike, Nerf N-Strike Elite, both for the Wii, and a Sims 3 Expansion Pack for the PC.
Kyle has facilitated courses that range from 1-on-1 interactions to large scale groups of 100+ participants, including; live in person classes, webinar style classes online and live online full courses. He is consistently ranked top in reviews for each of the courses he teaches.
Some of the clients Kyle has provided training for include:
Levi Strauss
PMI Mortgage Insurance
State Fund
Bank of the West
and many more...

What Students have said about Kyle:
"Kyle was off the chart "GOOD""



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By Dale Wagner on a month ago

Learned a lot of cool things I hope I can use in daily use

By Samantha Stoker on 4 months ago

Learned several new things. Some real time savers. Thanks.

By Mike on 6 months ago

Learning some valuable tricks/ tools

By Alex Brogan on 7 months ago


By Nicole Moran on 8 months ago

I will probably use all of these..the navigation hints are useful too.

By Alexander Rivas on 6 months ago

I am working on increasing my excel skills while attending Universty full-time that why when I begin my job search I am not lacking that critical skill employeers require.

By Victoria on 10 months ago

Yet again, you have made my life and job much easier. Seriously, youre the best.This course is to figure out ways around the annoying things we all face with excel where we say to ourselves "Seriously, why isnt there an easier way to do this" or "Why hasnt anyone developed something to fix this". Its the perfect course for mastering excel around such small inconveniences we have all faced in it.Thanks for being an awesome, engaging instructor. So useful for anyone! Thanks Kyle!!! Kyle, you have saved my sanity in the office yet again!

By Celia Price on 8 months ago

Kyle is the best of the best of teachers! I love his courses because they are so engaging, practical, and fun. These are really excellent courses and an excellent overall experience.

Awesome hacks to improve your daily performance and make you become an excel master!

By Saqer Alwaranbi on 10 months ago

Thanks a lot it was an excellent session clear.

By Jim Weaver on 11 months ago

Great but simple tips on how to get more out of Excel. Will save me a lot of time in the future.

By Aktar Hossain on 11 months ago

Very useful tricks and tips. Some of them I didn't know existed. The course itself easy to follow and concise. Highly recommend.