Game Asset Creation With Houdini (

3D Modelling in Houdini

Created by: Richard Banks

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • Create a game ready asset using Houdini's procedural workflow

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Create a game ready asset from start to finish in Houdini. Learn Houdini's powerful Digital Asset workflow to dramatically speed up your modelling process and create infinite variation quickly and consistently. Also covers UV mapping, texture baking and importing into the Unity Game Engine. This step by step guide is great for newcomers to Houdini or experienced 3D designers looking to experiment with Houdini's powerful procedural tools.Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Houdini users, users migrating from other 3D content creation packages, Game Developers

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Instructor Details

Richard Banks

Hi I'm Richard,

I'm a Lecturer in Games Design and Animation at UCLAN and an Independent Game Developer. I've been a Houdini user since version 9 and I'm always keen to share it's power and unique workflow with anyone who is interested! Also a big fan of Unity, Maya and Substance Designer



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I always wanted to learn Houdini for me modeling, usually I work in Maya, Max etc.., so the course is not long, but it was very good and understandable. Thank you for this course.

Great course and introduction to Houdini. I followed along with Houdini 17.5 with no problems. Audio quality on the videos could have been a bit better. Overall good introduction. Wish the instructor would have added the barrel attachment part at the end. Hope to see more Houdini videos from you Richard. Thanks!

This was a fantastic intro to houdini. Very well paced and great length. Got a lot out of it!

Brilliant tutorial. I was having a very rough time getting into the basics of Houdini. This application really needs a baby-steps approach for anyone coming from a traditional 3d App. The other tutorials I looked at seemed to assume an understanding of Houdini that I just didn't have. This one does a great job of unraveling the mysteries.

Richard explains his process clearly and has some useful tips to speed up your process of modeling. Definitely a good beginners course for Houdini.

The new way of learning, laugh, breathe and learn. Nice job, foundational concepts.

I have been watching a lot of tutorials on other platforms and this course has been the most detailed so far...The process of making all the information stick is the biggest challenge I have, so some of this is review and already picking up new bits due to the level of detail... thanks

Good clear teaching that takes away a lot of confusion in the big maze of getting started.

Great starter guide for modeling in Houdini, really enjoyed it.

Took me from zero to... well, a bit less than zero! Instructor seems like a proper chap, a real nice guy.

I started this course with no prior knowledge of houdini, but a lot of experience with procedural content generation. My goal was to get to know houdini to make use of my proc gen knowledge in a professional software. The course achieved that for me and I feel better equipped now to experiment on my own to get to know the software better.a little critique:overall it could be a bit more polished.using a program, that displays button and mouse button presses would be helpful; most actions are described, but not all.creating the actual rifle in section 2 with the digital assets created in section 1 is a little repetitive, an example object with less parts would probably be helpful.

While I am not into game development, this course worked great for me regarding modeling in Houdini. Excellent results come from a handful of nodes, which is amazing when there are so many nodes available. Wonderful job, Richard, I'm looking forward to part 2!