Godot Getaway: The Godot Course (Udemy.com)

Intermediate Techniques for Godot

Created by: Canopy Games

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Use the Godot engine to create an online multiplayer 3D cops and robbers driving game in a procedurally generated city!
  • Procedural Generation with Tilemaps
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • Working with online networking
  • Vehiclebody Nodes
  • Using Godot as part of an indie developer pipeline

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Learn intermediate Godot techniques as we make an online multiplayer car game in a procedurally generated 3D city! We'll use GDScript to make a cops-and-robbers game set to a bouncy electro-swing soundtrack using custom made assets from Blender and Ardour.
In this course, we'll be focusing on making a single, large project rather than a bunch of smaller ones. Our focus will be as much on that game development pipeline as the techniques we'll be using, and we'll simulate what it takes to make a small scale indie game from scratch.
Some of the things we'll cover include;
  • Fast 3D gameplay
  • Online multiplayer using direct connection over IP
  • Team play (cops vs robbers)
  • A procedurally generated city
  • Creating city neighbourhoods
  • Procedurally placed props (like lamp posts, traffic cones, parked cars, etc)
  • VehicleBody physics
  • Beacons that respond to the music
  • Simple player customisation that's persistent between plays
  • A 1930's inspired aesthetic
What's Godot?
Godot is a Free and Open Source game engine that we absolutely love. Yann has already taught a popular and well reviewed course on it on Udemy and both of us really enjoy working with it. It's available on Windows, Mac and Linux, has separate 2D and 3D pipelines and is generally awesome.
The course will be written in Godot's native GDScript, which is based on python. GDScript is a dynamic language that's powerful, versatile and quick to work in.Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate Godot users

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Instructor Details

Canopy Games

Founded by Michael Bridges and Yann Burrett, Canopy Games delivers high quality game making tutorials with a focus on mastery though play and community engagement. We've been working as online and offline educators for years and are passionate about bringing the best possible courses to people who want to learn new skills.Hi! I'm Yann!
I'm a theatre educator with a Master of Science in Theatre Education degree from the City College of New York and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Theatre Arts from Goldsmith's College, University of London. I currently live in the UK where I teach on a variety of subjects (mostly online)

I'm a passionate advocate for quality education in all fields, and my pedagogy is routed in a "learner-centered" model. I love my cats, teaching, playing computer, board and card games, exploring forests and cooking.I am a self-confessed technology geek and love teaching people new things.
I think it is a real shame that so many people carry around such wonderfully capable devices yet do nothing but the basics on them. Computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones can do much more than most people know. I would like to guide, reassure and educate people about using their technology to add to their lives
I have been playing, yes playing, with technology for as long as I can remember and I still do that today! Admittedly these days with other commitments I do have to watch what I spend as technology can burn a very deep hole and quickly.



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My absolute favorite course on Udemy, and I'm only a third of the way through. I had no idea online multiplayer could be so simple. My favorite part is that the series focuses on a single coherent product instead of a multitude of smaller projects. The game itself is extremely fun to experiment with - I've spent more time tinkering than actually following instructions. The instructor is very likable, too. Great stuff.

Excellent. Everything thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Nothing left as an exercise for the student.

Great course for those already familiar with Godot basics. Also an excellent instructor!

this software is great! I' ve been trying to code on GM2 for a year and it's so much complicated, hopefully I'll get better soon! thanks! really well explained!

I took this course hoping to understand how multiplayer actually works in Godot, I have gone through this at least 5 maybe 6 times over completely writing everything by hand each time & I have still yet to really grasp anything on the networking side of things.I was hoping for more versatility, it feels like with the way this "game" is played out I can't adapt this to anything but this silly physics car game. . .

Learning not only how to perform these tasks but the order it is being taught is designed to prevent developing bad habits that will later need to be unlearned. Well formatted and well done.

The course is done well. It is right about my pace. Yann does a fine job teaching Godot and GDScript.

Yann Burett is a fantastic educator and the information and pace in this course is exceptional!

Amazing course, brilliant teacher, exactly what I was looking for!

Easy to follow, well structured. As the previous course I attended from Yann

Very promising course so far. By two very talented individuals. I have taken their other courses on Udemy and can vouch for their abilities. Very excited to build this game in Udemy and especially the focus on indie game development!

good detailed explanations