Google Go Programming: Golang Beginner to Go Web Developer! (

Level up your Google Go coding skills from basic commands through building your own website with Golang!

Created by: James Brooks

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Develop your Google Golang programming skills to build efficient software.
  • Prepare for a job with Google or have an income earning freelance skill.
  • Learn basic web coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Create a blog as your course project that has a minimum design.
  • Build a portfolio and resume using your new programming skills.

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Overall Score : 68 / 100

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Course Description

Are you ready to learn Google Go, also known as Golang, to develop your programming language skills?
This course is perfect for those that want to build open-source applications and for those who want to learn a skill that earns anywhere from $35 to $160 an hour as a freelancer.
It's no secret that Golang programming has been hot the past few years. The Google Go programming language is robust, simple, and easy to maintain. That's why our goal is to take you from Golang beginner to Go web developer by enrolling in this course.
Here's what you'll soon learn:
  • How to install Golang on your local machine.
  • The basics of programming languages.
  • Advanced programming skills such as looping, switching, data types, and more.
  • How to enhance your web development with Golang.
  • Web programming languages such as HTML and CSS.
  • and a whole lot more!
At the end of this course you'll understand Golang and you'll have enough experience to start working with clients to build their applications. Plus, you'll have a resume and a portfolio to showcase your Golang proficiency.
Are you ready to start learning Google Go Programming? When you're ready, hit the white "buy now" button in the upper right corner and become a Goland programmer today!Who this course is for:
  • Great for people that want to adopt a new programming language and grow their skill set.
  • For people applying for jobs that requires an understanding of Go.
  • Those that want to program using a language with a quicker learning curve.
  • Software developers that want to create fast and easy to maintain programs.

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Instructor Details

James Brooks

The more you know and can give to this world, the more we all benefit! How may I help you today to expand your knowledge on the most in demand skills online?

In 2013 I started my business online as a freelancer serving whatever clients I could find with a vision of having enough money in the bank to live and work anywhere in the world. After years of work for many clients, I can see clearly that the skills we each have combined with our work ethic are our most valuable assets.

Thank you for giving me a chance to help you to learn the most valuable skills that are in demand today!

Warm Regards,
James E. Brooks



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Very Very Nice way of teaching. The instructor explain every thing very well and in very detail.

Too basic, if I want to learn how to install softwar I would not have come here and bought this course.I would like to give Zero stars by now! (15% through)

I appreciate this course, thanks @James Brooks

Highest quality is 720p and it is recorded on a screen with higher resolution than 720p making all the text fuzzy.

des meilleurs cours

By Fr T on

Pretty disappointed, lecturer kept making mistakes all the time, I'm here to learn, not to suffer

content of videos are not so good. you guys are wasting time in simple things.

Me qued esperando ms sobre Go

Good, but in second video there is redundant material (install go again?), it much better if there is same material just mention previous video.

Worst start I have ever seen, Two different videos stating the same thing in is confusing. Seems like copying the video from somewhere :P

i like it

un cours parfait , je suis trs satisfait