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Produced in 2017

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hacking Awards Best Advanced Course

An online platform to test and advance your skills in penetration testing and cyber security.



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By Kunal Suthar on 10/17/2019

An excellent resource to practice your skills. And also great place for learning new techniques.

By Dale Christy on 05/08/2019

Such a great way to keep your pentesting skills up-to-date. Great community!

By Elpidoforos Maragkos on 02/16/2019

An amazing one-of-a-kind platform for practicing pen-testing and sharpening your skills. Awesome features, really helpful community, useful write-ups and the most important, original and stimulating challenges and boxes.

By Tarun Kumar on 10/11/2017

A great platform to improve your skills. As a pen tester I always look forward to improve my skill set.

By arrexel46 on 10/30/2017

Huge vouch for this site! I have a few machines published on it myself and it is great fun.

By hkh4cks on 10/30/2017

I've been practicing on this site too. Awesome place to learn new things and a great community.

By TichuMaster on 03/24/2019

I am not an expert in this area but I would say that HtB isn't for totally beginners. There are some easy boxes, some medium boxes and some hard boxes.If you have some experience with networks and how to enumerate systems some boxes could be easy.

By kaosneverdied on 07/11/2019

Love hack the box. I've found it useful as a tool for maintaining existing skills and developing new ones.