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Course Description

Renowned exercise physiologists Martin Gibala and Stuart Phillips of McMaster University teach the surprising new science of cardio fitness and strength-building-and then provide you with hacks to get fit and strong (and healthy!) in less time than you ever thought possible. What's the right mix of exercise between cardio and strength? How do you know if you're working out hard enough? What's better, heavy or light weights? These questions and more are addressed through a course designed to provide even the most inexperienced of exercisers the tools you need to design time-efficient workouts that can be done virtually anywhere, from your own home to a city park or even at your workplace. Marty and Stu are good friends and colleagues who just happen to be two of the world's most passionate scholars in the science of fitness. They aim to entertain you while they're describing the relationship between exercise and health. Marty is a pioneer in the field of interval training, the technique of varying your workout intensity to get fit faster than anyone ever thought possible. Stu's studies proved that lifting lighter weights can be a highly effective strength-building technique-plus he's a leading expert in dietary protein and muscle. In Hacking Exercise for Health, you'll follow Marty and Stu as they teach you the basics about the way your body boosts its fitness and strength. Next, they'll apply that theory, providing you with a series of do-anywhere workouts and, most importantly, teaching you what you need to know to design your own sessions. Filled with inspirational practical tips, fun quizzes, interactive community participation and assignments designed to help you remember your lessons, Hacking Exercise for Health will give you the tools and techniques to incorporate exercise into your life, no matter how busy you are.

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Martin Gibala

Martin Gibala is a professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, and currently serves as chair of the Department of Kinesiology. He obtained his PhD from the University of Guelph in Canada and completed postdoctoral training at the Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre in Denmark before starting his faculty current position at McMaster. Dr. Gibala is an integrative physiologist who studies the mechanistic basis of exercise responses in humans, and associated health impacts. His pioneering research on the topic of interval training has helped to establish the efficacy of brief, intense exercise to enhance physical fitness in both healthy individuals and people with chronic diseases. A 2017 profile in The New York Times concluded, "Martin Gibala is the scientist we most have to thank for the popularity of very brief, very hard exercise." Dr. Gibala has authored more than 125 publications in scientific journals, several of which rank in the top 1% of their academic field based on total citations. He has also coauthored a bestselling book on the science of time-efficient exercise, The One-Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That's Smarter, Faster, Shorter (Penguin Random House, 2017). Dr. Gibala's research has been funded by a variety of public agencies and other sources, including the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the Canadian Diabetes Association



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By Bernard D V on 16-Oct-19

Great course, it is more adapted to people looking to start exercising. This course will help you understand the basics of exercise so you can become your own trainer. A lot of great things, I learned a lot and will definitely implement their suggestions and advice in my workouts.

By SPIROS V on 21-Sep-19

It is a very helpful tool for everyone who want to know the fundamentals on exercise, so he can train himself to have better health. Also it is very good tool for fitness professionals because it refresh your memory at the basics on exercise and keep your knowledge updated on exercise science. Finally it very short so it doesn't take too much time to complete it !!

By Maxime on 18-Oct-19

Great content ! Great show guys!

By Miguel R on 29-Sep-19

Cutting-edge knowledge on exercise science.

By Nora G on 27-Sep-19

Great so far -- lots of good info!

By John D on 30-Sep-19

This is a great course for understanding the fundamentals of cardiorespiratory fitness and musculoskeletal fitness. As a Personal Trainer, this was a great refresher and it also provided me with some simple explanations backed by current and up to date science to use with my clients to get better results. Any course by Dr. Gibala and Prof. Stu Phillips is worth it in my opinion. It is nice to hear from world-class experts rather than the opinions of bloggers and Instagram influencers.

By Najamus S on 21-Oct-19


By Cliff D on 23-Oct-19

Very interesting. Anything to reduce my time on a treadmill !!

By Hoi W C on 30-Oct-19

The length and content of the course are just right! Look forward to seeing the part 2 of the course!

By H J on 30-Oct-19

Great information on the latest research. Gives you the science behind the best forms of exercise and time required.

By Andrei S on 31-Oct-19

I'm serious endurance running amateur athlete. Most of information provided in this course i already practice every day - HIIT is my choice for years when it comes to exercise - i don't like to spend more then 30-40 minutes at a time for training.While some information need more research - most of the course info is reliable and up to date. Martin Gibala, Stuart Philipsare seems to be a great people, who are passionate about fitness just as i am.I highly recommend this course to everyone.

By Bryan P on 4-Nov-19

I have not completed yet but I am thoroughly enjoying the content and the professors are great. It's more information than I expected and very useful. I needed something to do after leaving job due to medical reasons and this is a perfect option and area of interest as well.