Houdini FX step to step - Visual Effects made easy (Udemy.com)

Learn Houdini the easy way - a practical handbook to learn the basics of the software

Created by: Stefano Cotardo

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Students will learn the basics of Houdini and some of the most important visual effects.

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

This course has a clear objective: to make simple enough the complexity of Houdini, and make your first step in the way of visual effects.
It is addressed to people with little or no knowledge of Houdini, so if you are already experienced with this software, maybe the course is not fo you!
Houdini is a very complex software and it takes months just to understand how it works.
So we decided to create simple lessons that will guide you in the basic concepts of Houdini.
In this course you'll get right to the point. For each lesson, only simple and essential explanations.
With this course, you'll learn the basic technics about Houdini's modelling and special effects.
You can use the lessons as a reference or a starting point to learn the basics of Houdini.
We will update the course regularly, in order to add new topics every week.
The course is the result of a personal experience. When I started studying Houdini, I had great difficulty finding courses or lessons that clearly explained the steps to achieve an effect or a simulation.
Even in the tutorials for beginners, there was always something unclear.
Sometimes there weren't all the steps explained, sometimes there were advanced concepts that a beginner can't know.
And above all, in order to complete a tutorial, you had to know concepts explained in other tutorials.
In short, an endless road.
But that's not all. Often the tutorials are extended on topics of little importance or the teacher talks about things that have nothing to do with the lesson.
Have you ever followed a tutorial that lasts 40 minutes just to explain a concept of 5 minutes?
Continuous pauses, concepts repeated several times, continuous comments often of little use.
If you don't remember a passage, you have to listen again 40 minutes of the lesson just to get to the point where the teacher talks about the concept that interests you!
In short, from all these experiences, I wanted to create a course that explains clearly, but without delay, each step to achieve effects and simple simulations.
If you already have a good knowledge of Houdini or if you are looking for a course to achieve spectacular and cinematic effects, maybe this course is not for you.
This course is for beginners and is a practical guide, made up of short lessons, simple steps and clear explanations on how to use Houdini.
For each lesson you will also find the attached project file with all the explanations to be able to repeat the exercise independently.
You will learn how to make simple animations, create materials and apply textures to an object.
We will also see the principles of the procedural system that is the basis and the strength of Houdini.
Please send me your comments, suggestions or other topics of interest to improve the course and help all the people who want to learn this great software!Who this course is for:
  • The course is aimed at those who want to immediately use Houdini, in particular the visual effects, without the need to follow long training courses.

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Instructor Details

Stefano Cotardo

I worked on graphics and videos for scientific dissemination at the University of Milan, where I graduated in genetics and molecular biology.
A solid scientific knowledge was the basis for the production of videos and scientific documentaries.
My career continued in the field of web and multimedia, and I worked for some advertising agencies in Milan.
Later, I opened my own company, for the production of multimedia content for large companies.
I followed several courses in photography and I opened my own photography studio.
Currently I am a consultant for a large company for which I deal with the production of videos, photos and graphic communication.
I also work on training projects in the field of video compositing and 3D graphics, through the "UnreaLab" portal.



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As clear and descriptive as one could ever want. Pauses between sentences are a bit too long for me, especially at the first stages. But overall, for a complete noob in it, superb!

I've been working in 3DS Max since 1991. Three weeks ago began looking into Houdini. All tutorials I've found to date have been too advanced and confusing except this one. It's just what I needed. Now I can go on to more advanced tutorials.

My only comment at this point is that I had thought based on the image that the tutorial was special effects basics with a slightly deeper focus on the 4 subjects shown on the image. All in all I would say it's a great tutorial just not 100% what I had thought it was going to be when I bought it. That being said perfect for people who want a good grasp of Houdini as a whole.

so far so good! I am a complete beginner in regards to Houdini.

Very dense and informative course with a great starting point on all the key effects that make Houdini unparalleled in visual effects.

Pace is pretty slow at least regarding my level of knowledge of Houdini. But it is a very good starting point for people discovering the software. I would be glad to find more tips and tricks about mentionned tools.

Very clear and understandable voice. Its like how learning should be done.

Its easy to understand

Very comprehensive !

Best Houdini tutorial experience I have ever had in years!

Really good quality, good slow voice with extreme clarity and good explanation for beginners

I find this course very easy and simple by far one of the best . Houdini is a complex software but this course makes it easy and fast it gives clear explanations. Keep up the good job I hope there are more tutorials coming because I be very upset