How to Build an Instagram Clone w/ React Native & Firebase (

Learn how to build an Instagram clone with React Native Expo, Firebase, Redux & React Navigation

Created by: Tim Moreton

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • In the multiple part series we start off by learning the basics of React and how to transfer that to React Native to build an Instagram clone

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Overall Score : 88 / 100

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Course Description

In this course we will learn how to build our own Instagram clone with React Native, Expo, Firebase, Redux & React Navigation. This will be the first part in a multi-part series to learn every detail along the way. Associated code files and explanation will be added for each video as well to get a closer look at how everything is built.

Who this course is for:
  • Developers looking to build an iPhone app from scratch with React Native Expo

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Tim Moreton

I started off as a Graphic Designer and decided I wanted to become a Software Engineer so I began to teach myself along with some online video courses and a coding bootcamp in NYC. After that I got my first job as a Software Engineer years ago and haven't looked back. I've coded in Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python and many more and love to learn new technologies through building side projects.



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Good course with solid content, feedback...1. It would be better to have the video not on the code as others have mentioned or to have at the start and end of each lesson.2. I am hoping some more sections get added as the content is solid.3. Do your own research alongside the course on Expo, authentication, navigation and Firestore as these areas are constantly being updated.

course is amazing covered lots of things but, still IMO It would be better if covered some more stuffs like post shows in feed in realtime, feed updating auto refreshing if have more posts in database...etc...

Tim is a great instructor. The lessons are detailed and fluid. He's down to earth and informative. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning React Native and Firebase.

Tim really goes with the flow and explain every single step. Very easy to follow and understand. Thank you!

Good course, the teacher explained line by line and this course needs a skill of Redux to understand how reducers and action did. Unfortunately the teacher seems kind to forget what he wrote and did copy paste from last project but it's ok since npm package change and students have to take a look a new documentation or you can install npm module version specifically what teacher did if not your app are going to to mention that I find it annoys me is the video of the teacher in bottom left that you can't see all code in this course.I think it's fine if the the teacher recorded only an audio, the IDE screen and the simulator.Thank you for your course

This is the worst course I've ever seen in my life!The instructor doesnt know how to code and always coping and pasting code !The demo you see in the preview is so different with the finished product !half of the things he goes through doesnt work and you have to fix it yourself ! ( HE CLEARLY HAS NO IDEA as HE MENTIONS LIKE 100 TIMES )by the way he leaves the course half way !

Good to complete almost... but got some problems with Facebook authentication... and it would be better if created a video post coding and likes count and comment count display.. and allow to share clickable links in description and in comments also...

First 2 sections were amazing. But then he gets into Redux, and there's this simple example of adding and subtracting that he leaves in the code for entirely too long. It has nothing to do with the app you're trying to create in the series, but he starts to modify that adding and subtracting code, and it just gets confusing from there.Also, starting in the fourth module, he writes his code in a really weird way, almost like he's writing it backwards. If there's a function called findSquareRoot, he'll write all of the code inside the function and then wrap it in the function at the end. This makes it really difficult to rewind the video and move around as one needs to.

Great and easy to follow course!

Great Course!

Course is very clear and understandable, the lecturer patiently explains each chapter and touches the smallest items so that we will understand better.It is highly recommended

Good course, sometimes important things are happening in the code and the instructor face won't let you see.