Intro to Unity 3D Physics: Helicopters (

Learn how to create Helicopter physics for Games with Unity 3D and C#!

Created by: Indie - Pixel

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will have the experience to work with Rigidbodies in a controllable way
  • You will have a complete code base to develop any type of Helicopter controller
  • You will better understand why helicopters fly and the physics behind them.
  • You will Learn the Beginnings of Editor Scripting
  • You will learn how to set up a flexible Input System
  • You will learn about C# concepts such as Inheritance, Interfaces, Properties, and Namespaces
  • You will gain a better understanding of Organizing your Unity projects
  • You will gain an insight of how to begin to plan out a Unity Project or Unity System
  • You will learn to build a re-usable Weapon System
  • You will learn how to build two types of cameras with re-usable code

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

In this course you will learn how to create a helicopter controller from scratch. You will learn how to create the physics necessary to generate realistic and arcady helicopter flight mechanics. You will also learn how to set up your Unity project in efficient ways, how to create Editor Scripts, and how to use the Unity Rigidbody to its fullest.
You also receive two helicopter models and the contents of the Unity project, to give you a head start on your helicopter games!
By the end of the course you will have gained knowledge about Helicopter physics, unity project organization, C# programming, Unity VFX, how to create a weapon system, how to create a camera system, how to create an audio system, and much more! Enroll today and start flying the friendly skies in you very own helicopter!Who this course is for:
  • A beginner to intermediate Unity user who would like to know more about Physics in Unity
  • A unity user who would like to gain a better understanding of Unity's Rigidbody
  • Anyone who is interested in wanting to build a Helicopter game in Unity
  • Anyone interested in learning how to make a Desert Strike type Game
  • A beginning Unity user who wants to know more about Project Organization and Editor Scripting

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Instructor Details

Indie - Pixel

I began this whole journey through art. When in high school I developed a

very strong interest in drawing and 2D animation. From there I began
to get enveloped into the work of 3D. After Graduating High school I
attended the Art Institute of Seattle. There I gained my AA degree in
Computer animation. I interned at Surreal Software, then moved onto
working on the very first version of Xbox at Microsoft. I worked on NFL
fever 2000, NHL Rivals 2002, and Inside Drive. From there I have worked
at Activision, again at Microsoft, my own companies Creative TD and
Ozone Interactive, and am now exploring Interactive Arts experiences at Indie Pixel. There have been many things
along the way but my love is in 3D, real-time arts, shaders, procedural
content creation, math, modeling, texturing, and helping others through



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By Kamal Hassiba on 3 months ago

What an excellent course.Kenny is a perfectionist, everything is well explained to the finest detail.What I really liked and enjoyed about this course is how well it is structured, his systematic thinking and approach to the problem and how he evolved the code from simple few classes and little lines of code to a very professional and beautifully written code.I have personally learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it.Will definitely buy other courses from Kenny.Keep up the good work.

By Jean-Noel Seneque on 3 months ago

Amazing! I came in wanting to learn how to develop a helicopter simulation game but I am 33% into the course and I am learning all these awesome workflow, how to setup scripts proper, all these "best practices", techniques and ways of using Unity that even with my Certification and years of experience, I didn't know you can do. I know I will walk away a far better developer in general with C# and have a better understanding on how to develop cleaner code, code that other will look at and see me as a professional in this field. Thank you so much for sharing!

By Ernst van Biljon on 3 months ago

Love the explanations and level of detail in the course so far. Very easy to follow. Not a big fan of using someone else's custom frameworks, but hoping that I won't need it later on.

By Patrizio Conz on 4 months ago

Well even if it's an early access course I have to say that's it's an awesome course and teacher is really well prepared on flight concept and math too (where I'm pretty bad). I really loved the plus he put on it, Houdini teaching little bit, the Arcade part too and lot of models free to use too. The coding part is the one I apreciated, teacher use a good style of coding and it teach you the proper way for setup your code reusability as well as advanced tricks like editor scripting. Only one stuff not very much good and need to be organized better is the download asset packs, they really need to be set up properly because some of them will not work for the lessons you working on. Go on and buy it and support the work of this teacher !

By Suleiman Omar Abdullah on 6 months ago

this is a right course to take you to the professional level am a beginner i have take complete C# Unity Development 3D From Ben Tristem i didn't complete its 57% to finish but Indie-pixel make me feel more comfort he know what he's doing i feel like i learn from big studio like naughty Dog.. man take this course even if u have little knowledge like me i promise you wont regret

By Martin Botham on 7 months ago

Great course totally what I was looking for now just waiting for the next lectures to be added

By Lee Buckley on 9 months ago

Still in early access (as of March 10th, 2019), so only includes the building of the first helicopter controller. That said, love the course and looking forward to the rest of the content!

By Ba on 6 months ago

So unbelievably far above expectations. Lammers for president!

By Jakob Podkrajac on 8 months ago

I can not find the part about the weapons and audio (5 Stars, if you can give me info about that. Edit: Features are coming soon) ? But realy a great course!

By Steven Pascoe on a week ago

an excellent tutorial so far !

By Rose MacPherson on a month ago

Having a great time with the course so far :)

By Alexander R on 10 months ago

Let me start by saying that to me this is the best coding course I've ever taken.Kenny is very knowledgeable and the perfect instructor. He doesn't explain too fast or too slow. Everything is well explained so even a simple man like myself can understand it.This course doesn't just teach helicopter physics. It also teaches a lot of things I haven't seen before. For example how to use interface scripts.I would strongly recommend you to take this course if you are interested in game development. I'm sure gonna get the rest of Kenny's courses.