Laravel API Development & Vue JS SPA from Scratch (

Learn how to develop a robust API with Laravel and a Single-Page Application in Vue JS from Scratch

Created by: Victor Gonzalez

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • RESTful API Development with Laravel
  • Vue JS Single Page Application Methodology
  • Front-End Design Using Tailwind CSS
  • Implementing Search Functionality Using Laravel Scout
  • Build a Complete SPA from Scratch

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Overall Score : 92 / 100

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Course Description

Developing Single-Page Applications requires a special set of skills. In this course, we will be learning how to develop the required API to power a simple address book project named Jot. Jot will be a SPA written in Vue JS using the TailwindCSS front-end framework. By the end of this course, Jot will be able to create, view, edit and delete contacts. We'll also implement search functionality using Laravel Scout, a free first-party package for Laravel for simple searchable models.Who this course is for:
  • Web developers wanting to build robust APIs
  • Web developers wanting to level up their modern JavaScript knowledge
  • Web developers wanting to level up their knowledge of the Laravel framework

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Instructor Details

Victor Gonzalez

Victor is a Senior Web Developer with over 10 years of professional experience building web applications. He specializes in PHP / Vue JS and has held senior roles in web development, as well as marketing positions. Always one to dig deeper and polish from every angle, Victor's teaching style reflects his deep understanding of modern web development topics. His ability to breakdown complex topics into bite-size lectures that are easy to understand and follow, is one of the many things that makes him such a successful instructor.
Victor studied Music Performance and Computer Science at the University of Miami, where he followed a traditional curriculum of Mathematics and Programming topics in C and Java. Throughout the years, Victor has contributed to many open source projects including the Laravel framework and is the primary instructor at Coder's Tape, free YouTube channel dedicated to teaching modern web development.
After just one course with Victor, you'll be hooked to his teaching style and learning at an incredibly fast pace. No static screens or copy-pasted code. Every line of code from scratch, meticulously explained, step by step.



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I loved the instructor's sustained but natural enthusiasm, his brisk pace, and his command of the subject material. But perhaps better than that is his helpfulness in responding quickly to queries and helping sincere students with valuable solutions and tips.

After building this app, I built a time tracking app which was originally built with Laravel, but I wanted real-time functionality. I was able to implement third-party packages such as moment js and vue-multiselect easily. My app is about 95% finished, but I couldn't have done without this course. Thank you!

By on

This is a great course for getting a pretty good basic - middle knowledge about Laravel/Vue SPA. My truly recommendation.

Overall an excellent course. I feel that I've learnt a lot by going through this course. I can already comfortably built a simple CRUD web app with Laravel using Blade. But I am new to Vue and SPA. After going through this course, I feel I know my way to building SPA using Vue + Laravel.As always, try to write the code after watching the video, going back to the video when I got stuck, helped me reinforced what I learned from lessons.Just a note. I can't get the "BirthdaysController@index" function working even though I use the exact same code as in the lecture. It gives me an SQL statement error. I have to use a much less efficient way to get it to work. Still something I need to look into.Maybe Victor can give some more explanation on dealing with the Date/Timestamp data type and Carbon in some more details?But overall a great course!

j'ai eu un bon aperu sur les technique de TDD en ce qui concerne le CRUD surtout, trs utile.japprcie notamment l'utilisation de Tailwindcss c'est un bon dpart pour approfondir.Bonne formation,Thanks.Des sous-titres en franais auraient t bien pour mieux suivre le cours pour nous les francophones.

The professor is one of the bests I've see before with excellent knowledge, excellent explanations, well structured, the quality of the code he delivered is outstanding, with a great knowledge on design patterns and code standards, i am a professional developer and i highly recommend it.

I was new in Laravel and know little about Vue. This show me all the errors I made in my last projects. I am finally ready for my new project.Thank you

By Luis on

At no moment is advertised this is a focused Test-driven development (TDD). Most of the course is focused on TDD instead of Laravel Vue SPA. The course would last a fraction of the time without the TDD. And sadly would then be an excellent course. The learning of Laravel Vue SPA is sadly neglected because of this. There's no way to go back and look for a subject, because is a big mess of TDD tests and a little of Laravel Vue integration. Also the options on the coding software that the instructor uses will throw you off because it makes notations in between the code that is not necessary. You will type one of those notations by accident and the hole thing will blow up. The title should be TDD course on a Laravel Vue SPA example. This SPA content is just to messy and all over the place. Without the TDD this course would last just a fraction and easy to follow. You will hear a ton of big mumbo jumbo on induced errors and error fixing. It is a frustrating course specially if you don't have time to waste. Prepare to neat peak what is useful inside this big mess.

This course was the best match for me and for anyone wants to have a good understanding on creating SPA's with laravel and vue.js. Thank you Victor !!

This is a great course for those who want to learn how to mix Vue.JS into a Laravel application and make it an SPA. It somehow offers an overall overview of Vue.JS and Laravel features, so any newcomer to both will find a lot of stuff to learn from. Victor is a great instructor to learn from. He also has a Youtube channel (Coder's Tape) you should check to more in-depth content about Laravel and Vue.JS.

Explanation is very clear! Thanks for the TDD approach!Looking forward to seeing more courses from Viktor!

Victors method of teaching is so easy to adapt with regardless of your technical skill level. He can easily explain complex topics in a way that the students can really understand. You will also feel the sincerity in his voice. Great content!